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  1. Yseki

    Comeback Not That Anyone Cares

    But, Hi☆Five (ハイファイヴ) comeback next month. They are from Watanabe Entertainment the same company as Nine Stars and Magic Prince:
  2. GloriousHavoc

    Teaser The Boyz - D.D.D MV Trailer

    I'm loving the sound of this! :queen:
  3. GloriousHavoc

    Teaser [SEVENTEEN] An Ode 2 : Fear

    Wow, did not expect a new teaser so soon! Hopefully it's a full album this time :sanapray:
  4. GloriousHavoc

    Teaser The Boyz 4th Mini Album [DREAMLIKE] - Image Teaser [Dreamlike Ver.]

    No Hwall this time :pepecry2:
  5. GloriousHavoc

    Teaser The Boyz 4th Mini Album [DREAMLIKE] - Comeback Scheduler

  6. GloriousHavoc

    MV Seventeen - HIT [MV]

  7. perhapz

    News OMG confirms early August comeback with a Summer package album

    @Ozymandias @goyo @Walnutt @AnotherKpopTrash @mirella @Tir
  8. Soleski

    Teaser ITZY "IT'z ICY" Visual Film #YUNA

    She is so pretty
  9. Ozymandias

    Teaser ITZY "IT'z ICY" Ryujin teaser/visual film

    Bow down to the queen :sj_weary: Ryujin in that pink hair is everything, I can't take it :sj_weary: The backing track sounds like such a bop too, if it's the title omg :sj_weary: Tags:
  10. perhapz

    Rumor EVERGLOW's first comeback possibly coming soon

    We all know what hairstyle/haircolor changes means on k-pop... I hope so, I can't wait for an EG comeback. :sj_weary:
  11. maruif

    News Seventeen to have a comeback AND a world tour!

    Pledis has announced a comeback in early august (date not set yet) and a world tour Ode to you!
  12. maruif

    News NCT Dream to have a comeback in late July!

    I've been waiting for this and I am so EXITED!
  13. maruif

    Rumor Seventeen are gonna have a comeback soon!

    This seems like grounds to assume that doesn't it! I can't wait, because I am 101% sure it is gonna be some kind of sexy!
  14. saebomss

    Discussion What was your last brought kpop album?

    What was the last kpop album you brought or recently ordered? If you've never brought a kpop album, what kpop album would you like? Or, if it was gifted, what album was it? I last preordered nature's next comeback! I just thought this would be an interesting thread!
  15. maruif

    Discussion NCT Dream comeback in sight!

  16. QueenGirlCrush


    So I'm taking a closer look at the leaked email about Minzy's songs and decided to do some research into the producers/songwriters mentioned. Its nothing in depth I'm just listening to the material they have produced. I'm also going to look at people outside of the email who worked with Minzy...
  17. Mayah

    MV (Red Velvet) Zimzalabim Era Analysis

    As many of you have seen, despite Zimzalabim being deemed as a "weird" song, it does, in fact, have an overall concept. Though the concept may not be very specific, the "vibe" of Zimzalabim was intended to be a combination of every era, which became quite clear after the first comeback poster...
  18. Mayah

    Audio I think we can all agree that the best part of the ReveFestival Day1 was...

    Joy's "Shake it, shake, shake it, shake, shake it, shake, shake it" in Milkshake at 3:15
  19. QueenGirlCrush


    Okay guys I made a G-idle Uh Oh comeback thread! If you want me to tag you please reply to this thread!? Here is the link: https://www.kpopsource.com/threads/official-g-idle-uh-oh-the-2nd-digital-single-comeback-thread.13600/
  20. QueenGirlCrush


    💛G-IDLE UH OH OFFICIAL COMEBACK THREAD💛 2018 Monster Rookie's G-idle are having their 3rd comeback! It will be on June 26th with digital single Uh Oh! Come and join us for this return!