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  1. MochiFace

    Teaser CLC "ME" Choregraphy spoiler

  2. Tir

    Teaser CLC - 'ME(美)' Concept Photos

  3. lexus

    Teaser CLC drop teaser for their digital single, Me

    I guess we don’t get an album this time. Oh well. I’m still excited :pandahappy:
  4. kuroyuri

    Appreciation for @NogaNono

    :sanapray: new fav. clc song
  5. kuroyuri

    Discussion stan clc y'all

    @NogaNono :queen:
  6. Mayah

    CLC Seunghee & Yeeun (Really Bad Guy, OST)

  7. KimTaehyung

    News Full Dream Concert Line-Up and MCs revealed!

    They only added 2 more names to the 1st line-up lol The event will be hosted by Super Junior's Leeteuk, actress Jeon So Min, and B1A4's Gongchan and it will take place on May 18 at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul. The full line-up includes: SHINee's Taemin Red Velvet Mamamoo Seventeen Park...
  8. NogaNono

    Group CLC Artist Thread

    CLC (씨엘씨, an acronym meaning "Crystal Clear”) is a South Korean girl group formed by Cube Entertainment in 2015. The group consists of seven members: Seunghee, Yujin, Seungyeon, Sorn, Yeeun, Elkie, and Eunbin. Their debut EP First Love was released on March 19, 2015, with the tile track Pepe...
  9. NogaNono


    THATS RIGHT IT"S ANOTHER MONTHLY DANCE VIDEO!!! I am a very happy cheshire today. :pandahappy:God, Seungyeon is so sexy. Anyway, it seems that she's going to be continuing with this trend of uploading one video a month and I am all for it.
  10. NogaNono

    Appreciation Yeeun just started streaming!

    She only started about 5 minutes ago!~ I'm glad I was able to join in this time. I love when she does these.
  11. arieam

    News cube is a disgrace

    why wasn't this the title track im upset
  12. Rukia

    Discussion CLC "No" vs Mariah Carey "No"

  13. lexus

    Discussion Favorite title tracks by these GG's

    If you can't tell, I'm very bored. :welp: Also, these are just random groups. lol If you don't like a group then just skip them. EXID AOA Girl's Day Sistar Twice SNSD Blackpink Momoland Gfriend Oh My Girl 2NE1 Red Velvet CLC Dreamcatcher (G)I-dle
  14. Chahee

    Discussion Now that the hype is getting cold...

    I think No is one of the best CLC titles ? It's cleverly made and it's catchy. I think only "Where are you?" could rival it
  15. NogaNono

    Appreciation I keep coming back to this video!~

    I love Eunbin so much. She is the very embodiment of cuteness. I love it when she does ASMR, she's really good at it too. I need an Eunbin cooking show. I probably won't follow any of the super-weird-sugar infused recipes that Eunbin tends to like but it's fun to watch her. :llama_lovely:
  16. kuroyuri

    clc and twice queens

    queens only stream no and yes or yes! (lol, just realized that's kinda ironic, but ok)
  17. StarWarsBitch

    News CLC Second Win On The Show!

  18. M

    News CLC First Win!

    Finally. Congrats to the girls!
  19. notthatmarko

    Discussion CONTROVERSIAL - CLC is seen lighting roses on fire near the end of their MV

    Possible message that La Vie En Rose was not needed? Looks like our Twitter agrees with me (I'm not Twitter staff) :joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip::joysip:
  20. lexus

    Comeback What's your favorite track from CLC's new album?

    I definitely like No, but other favorites are Show and I Need U. What are your favorites? Also, vote for them on M Countdown and The Show, okay? Thanks. :welp: