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  1. dimpledsoobin

    Discussion Who's your EXO bias?

    I have two Biases in EXO. They are Chanyeol and Baekhyun.
  2. PrideInBaek

    Appreciation PinkYeol Is Love

    Hello DADDY
  3. maruif

    Discussion How TF did Chanyeol not choke?

    Bish WTF?
  4. maruif

    Appreciation The way Chanyeol has changed

    Holy mother OF FJEUSHFKS
  5. maruif

    Teaser Kai and Chanyeol spoiling Obsession choreo

    Looks like that at least!
  6. PrideInBaek


  7. PrideInBaek


  8. maruif

    18+ ChanKaiSoo... I ship it!

    I used to not be able to decide if I should ship KaiSoo or ChanSoo... but now... I have seen the light! Because Kyungsoo has been absent, my eyes have opened to ChanKai and with that to the possiblity of ChanKaiSoo! I mean... This would obviously have Soo as the dom, Kai and Chanyeol as the...
  9. maruif

    Appreciation Chanyeol says OT8 stans don't deserve rights

    He liked an OT9 EXO fanart + posted it on his insta story! Like really... Everybody who says Lay will never come back... Lay himself says he will come back, the members themselves act like he will come back. So stop being a bitch and just believe the members alright!
  10. maruif

    Appreciation Somebody break Kyungsoo out of the military or I might just start to ship ChanKai

    I just can't... Chanyeol and Kai are being wayy too adorable together and I am not fine with it! Usually those 2 have Ksoo between them to distract them so we don't see this much, but now that Ksoo is in the military all that affection that would usually have gone to Kyungsoo is now going to the...
  11. maruif

    Appreciation Oh god they just WANT to hurt me!

    WHY did I stay up tonight! WHY! JUST TO BE HURT LIKE THIS? THIS IS NOT ALRIGHT! Who TF allowed this! WHO ALLOWED THIS! This is disrespect of the highest calibre and I am not ready to be attacked like this at 5 GOD DAMN AM! So I repeat... WHO TF ALLOWED THEM TO DO THIS! WHO GAVE THEM PERMISSION...
  12. PetitBonheur

    Discussion Which EXO songs should also get an MV?

    Aside from those that already have MVs, which EXO songs do you thing deserve an MV? If not an MV, then at least a dance practice video, live acoustic performance video, or performance video? 1. Oasis 2. Gravity 3. Been Through (personally I think these three songs deserve an MV because they...
  13. Haolat

    News [Breaking News] Vivi and Toben are dating

    scroll to see more
  14. maruif

    Appreciation Some peeps were trying to tell me EXO don't own China

    I mean... What do you call this? This is the first mainland China event EXO members who aren't Lay have had in a while sooo.... Y'know...
  15. Chlorine

    MV EXO-SC 'Closer To You' MV Released!

    I love it soooooo much! :pandalove::pandalove::pandalove:
  16. maruif

    Photo just a pretty pic

  17. maruif

    Appreciation Sehun is the most adorable

    Him an chanyeol were on a radio show.... and damn I still can't get over how adorable it is that he is scared of sleeping alone! He is such an adorable baby and I love him so much!
  18. maruif

    Appreciation The trio might not be complete, but that doesn't stop them from messing around!

    At EXO concerts there has always been the wild trio. During ments they NEVER listen to the others. They NEVER stay still. Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Kai.... Kyungsoo might not me there on this tour, but still. Chanyeol and Kai are fully capable of being a mess with just the 2 of them! So here are...
  19. maruif

    Discussion Come watch Chanyeol content with me!

    Come watch with me an Dokyeomon! https://cytu.be/r/exoisgreat
  20. maruif

    Discussion Chanyeol and Woozi are a duo I need more content of!

    They've met, they've written a song together and it look slike they are friends/get along! GIMME CONTENT!