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  1. hyunaspandahoe

    Discussion upcoming comebacks of 2019

    starting on april first, many popular kpop groups like twice, bts, iz*one blackpink, etc. are coming back, so I am curious to see whose you're most eagerly waiting for, and whose is going to be a hit. some groups haven't released a lot of teasers or anything, so it's hard to judge for them, but...
  2. QueenGirlCrush


  3. Bara

    Cover This channel is pretty dope

    These covers are :sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary:
  4. GoldenBunny

    Appreciation Fire-hot performance, amazing visuals

    It's cold and wet here and I'm bored so here's Jungkook being sexy/cute/beautiful in Hong Kong yesterday How is he so pretty? Boy was wildin' all over the place :llama_BLEED: whatta dork
  5. peachparfait

    Appreciation Soobin x Jin

    living for these hoobae-sunbaenim interactions soobin said he liked BTS since high school before entering Big Hit and Jin was his bias whoooo :yolk:
  6. blueberries

    News BTS criticized by journalist for recommending manga? (knetz)

    Original article on Nate: 방탄소년단, 성추행 담긴 일본만화 추천 논란 Netizenbuzz: BTS criticized for recommending Japanese comic books 'One Piece' and 'The Seven Deadly Sins' So according the article BTS has been recommending mangas One Piece and Seven Deadly Sins. The issue the article sees with these is that...
  7. Pigeon

    my mind at all times:

  8. bulletproof

    Discussion Do you think BTS hit their peak?

    ^ I don't think so... Just look at the pre-orders for Persona compared to the Love Yourself series. And they just sold out huge stadiums in an hour for Speak yourself. They are getting bigger and bigger I'll tag some fellow armies if you want/don't want to be tagged in further BTS related...
  9. bulletproof

    Appreciation My first appreciation thread

    Of course I'll dedicate it to my baby. This is not an official appreciation thread, just something I wanna do for him:sanapray: I absolutely love this boy. I admire his dedication and his ambition He was so young when he debuted. He was a 15 y.o. very shy boy debuting in a small group from a...
  10. bulletproof

    News Another BTS song hit 400 mil views

    It's IDOL. I know IDOL had mixed opinions, but tbh this song really gives me energy so congrats BTS, congrats armys :sanapray: this is their 7th MV with more than 400 mill views (after Dope, Fire, Blood sweat and tears, DNA, Mic drop and Fake love) AAAND even more, Fake love is close to 9...
  11. JungkooksWife

    Appreciation Soooooooooo

    I suddenly want to be NamjoonsWife :pandalove::pandalove::pandalove::pandalove::pandalove:
  12. bulletproof

    Discussion Oldest member in Bangtan

  13. bulletproof

    Discussion VIPs vs ARMYs again? -_-

    First of all I'm both army and vip so I'm just... in the middle of this :\ ------------------------- Recently tensions between VIP and ARMY have reached new extremes, in light of the Burning Sun scandal . Although BTS have no connection to BIGBANG Seungri‘s scandal, their widespread...
  14. hyunaspandahoe

    jimimis is a TASTELESS HOE

    smh this hoe here stans dotae first of all. she's a rude disobedient child who can't respect her elders. she stans taeyong of all perfect nct people (haechan) and she has the nerve to call others tasteless and fake while she only stans bg this thread is long overdue TASTELESS HOE NOBODY GETS...
  15. bulletproof

    Discussion Army gang | BTS taglist

    Who else is an army and wanna be tagged in future BTS threads? I wanna know who else is in the army gang. 💜 I saw a panda tag list earlier so why not an army one too:sanapray: Let’s show that we are a nice gang:pandalove:
  16. Soleski

    Appreciation Happy birthday to Soojin & Suga

    Happy birthday to Soojin ❤❤ Happy birthday to this cutie 💙💙💙 It's weird how my female and male ultimate bias share a birthday
  17. PinkPrincess

    Appreciation BTS x Dreamcatcher ships

    Just a little disclaimer; these are not my ships. I don't truly know BTS; but this video helps me appreciate them.
  18. peachparfait

    Appreciation BTSxTXT First Interaction

    :pepeheart: edit: jk replied to their tweet and called himself jungkookie-hyung and said not to get sick during promotions asdfghjkl :pepecry1:
  19. hyunaspandahoe

    Fav. lyrics from your top two groups?

    preferably a bg and a gg but idc tbh for me, my top bg is ofc BTS, and my top gg is TWICE these songs never fail to make me cry and feel uplifted and more positive at the same time magic shop(bts): On days where I hate myself for being me, on days where I want to disappear forever Let's make...