1. blurryface

    Opinions your favourite book?

    mine is the book thief. it was definitely perfect! if you like reading books and didnt read that book yet GO AND BUY IT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR what is your favourite book :pepelook:
  2. Orion

    Discussion Did you have a favorite book/author as a child?

    Were you a voracious reader as a child or was reading not really your thing? Personally I loved reading! I was a very ‘imaginative’ type of kid, so books helped fuel my imagination~ I would love to hear yours! :pandaroll:
  3. KwonSoonYoung


    So, here is a thread to recommend books, whether digital, physical, action or romantic, translation or original, simply made to discover new books! Tell the genres you wish to have book recommended or just recommend books to users here, enjoy!