1. Kiseki

    News Bol4 x Wh3n to release collab "New York" on the 27th

  2. Kiseki

    MV Bol4 - Workaholic

  3. Kiseki

    Teaser Bol4 "25" MV Teaser

  4. Kiseki

    Teaser Bol4 "Two Five" Moving Teasers

  5. Kiseki

    Teaser Bol4 "Two Five" Tracklist

  6. Kiseki

    Teaser Bol4 "Two Five" Image Teasers

  7. Kiseki

    Teaser Bol4 "Two Five"

  8. RunningMan

    Cover Seo Sister's Singing 'Bom' by BOL4 [Yunari TV - Berry Good's Seoyul & AOA's Yuna]

    Berry Good's Seoyul & AOA's Yuna Singing 'Bom' by Bol4 BOL4 'BOM'
  9. Kiseki

    MV Bol4 - To My Youth

  10. Kiseki

    Discussion Someone should takeover the Bol4 idol thread

    OP hasn't been on since October and the thread is missing a lot of stuff
  11. Kiseki

    MV Bol4 - Galaxy (Japanese)

  12. Kiseki

    Discussion Favourite B-side of the year so far?

    Can be a Korean release or a Japanese release or both :llama_ramen:
  13. Rukia

    Appreciation This is my voice 1 month into Bolbbalgan4

    On a serious note, I'm now getting into their discography and I really love their songs. I can see why the public really likes them. Galaxy and Some are #On_A_Whole_Other_Level STREAM
  14. Kiseki

    Group [Official] Blushing Youth Bol4 Idol Thread

    Bol4 are a 2 member girl group under Shofar Music whose members are Jiyoung and Jiyoon and they made their debut on 22nd April 2016. Fandom Name - LoBoly Japanese Website Twitter Japanese Twitter Facebook Instagram Jiyoung Jiyoon YouTube Japanese YouTube Fan Cafe iTunes Spotify Members...