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  1. emanresu

    Appreciation I'm Currently In A Love Affair With BoA

    I'm Currently In A Love Affair With BoA I've been in the game for 12 years. But somehow, someway I managed to go that entire period without listening to one BoA song. Not a single one. I knew...of her. Literal Kpop Legend. Storied Golden Girl of SM. Said to have practically built SM...
  2. eclipsoul

    MV BoA - Starry Night (feat. Crush)

  3. eclipsoul

    Teaser BoA - Starry Night (feat. Crush) MV Teaser

  4. eclipsoul

    News BoA reportedly making a comeback in December

  5. Haolat

    Discussion Which girl group or Soloists can give justice to this type of performance?

    I will show you three performances of BOA's song called Girls on top First performance is a dance cover of BOA's Girls on top on a variety show called Stage K. Second performance is a performance by BOA herself at MAMA 2005 awards. She fainted after this performance but thankfully she won the...
  6. RandAlThor

    Discussion If i can name each person on stage ...

    Does that mean i am old or just nostalgic?
  7. M

    Discussion Feedback (Ladies' Code) VS Feedback (BoA)

    Which one do you prefer? Feedback (Ladies Code) VS Feedback (BoA)
  8. cosmicyuno

    MV BoA 보아 'Feedback (Feat. 넉살)' MV

  9. maruif

    Performance NCT Dream No.1 [Aka, Renle featuring Jisung and backup dancers]

    It is a great performance! Renjun has such a beautiful voice, Chenle is so stable live and Jeno has a dance solo! Not to mention Jisung singing! But overall it really was Renle feat Jisung.... I think Jeno and Jaemin has 1 line that they shared... But hte performance is amazing anyway + the...
  10. maruif

    Cover NCT Dream covering BoA no.1 [Fancam]

    I can't wait for the official version of this! But if you look close enough you start to notice things in this performance. Renjun and Chenle are basically the only ones singing. Jisung has 2 lines, both short and Jeno and Jaemin have 1 shared line + 1 solo line each... But Renjun and Chenle...
  11. maruif

    Discussion The legend who shall never be beaten!

    BoA is a legend and I doubt that her legacy will be beat any time soon. These days female solos sell tens of thousands, BoA sold millions! She singlehandedly made kpop popular in Japan! She was the beginning, the one who had to struggle to make things easy for the others! She gave her all to...
  12. maruif

    Appreciation Still one of the best bops after 17 years!

    BoA is a queen and no.1 is such an amazing song!
  13. MajestYerim

    ♡ BoA Badge Thread ♡

    RULES Badge size should be 77x77 No blurry or grainy photos; please use high quality and easy to see photos. Only official photos are allowed. Selcas are accepted if they are from an official account. Side profiles or covered faces are only allowed when the idol is easily identifiable. Do not...
  14. RavenHikari

    News Calling All Fans Of Any SM Group

    They Included f(x) and Sungmin. :pepeheart::maheart::sanapray::pepecheer::pepecry1::pepecry2::pepehug2::pandahappy:
  15. sweetener

    Teaser BoA The 9th Album "Woman" Highlight Medley

    wow I am already in love with the album. The King is really comeing back with bops only.
  16. chvnle

    Teaser BoA 보아 'Woman' MV Teaser #2

    A literal queen. I'm so ready
  17. LuhansGreenHair

    Teaser BoA - Woman MV Teaser

  18. sweetener

    Comeback BoA is having a comeback with a full album on the 24th October

    My Queen is coming back again. So happy to get some new songs from her. And her new title is called "Woman" [+ SM is really trying to make many comebacks happen in the last months of the year lol]