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  1. Ozymandias


    Or you know, Jennie solo comeback :wimwim: Or maybe nothing :nayeonisdone: This has been a 10/10 thread brought to you by Ozy thanks :sanapray:
  2. OnCloudJess

    Discussion Can You Tell When This Was?

    And does it still apply today?
  3. MajestYerim

    Discussion #BLACKPINK1YearHiatus so...

    Time to bring this puppy back
  4. Soleski

    Discussion Square up or KTL?

    Which album do you prefer more? For me, it's ktl. I liked all of the songs, espeically dkwtd and kick it also ktl live band version at coachella :sj_weary: :sj_weary: I am sure someone made a thread like this before, but we have no album this year so rip until then I will just talk...
  5. OnCloudJess

    Appreciation [Knetizen] 50 Longest Charting Idol Songs

    TOP 50 longest charting idol songs on Melon chart Boy group Girl group https://www.knetizen.com/top-50-longest-charting-idol-songs-on-melon-chart/
  6. MajestYerim

    Discussion Jennie posed for Marie Claire... and it might have added to the long list unfair treatment toward the other girls

    Phew, such a long ass title. Jennie did a photoshoot for Marie Claire. Not surprised as BlackPink's March comeback was pushed back (as always). ModelPink back in the house. I usually don't count photoshoots more or less than other members as unfair treatments as usually the brand chooses...
  7. OnlyCalB

    Discussion Jennie being on the April cover of Marie Claire means...

    Jennie is the first Korean to feature on the cover of the six top fashion magazines in Korea! Marie Claire's April cover featuring Jennie: Source: Here Jennie's cover features for the five other top magazines;
  8. Soleski

    Dance Practice Watching Lisa dancing

    made me remember why she was my first bias, the one who got me into kpop she is so gooood:pepeheart::pepeheart: now give me new songs :yolk:
  9. eclipsoul

    News BLACKPINK’s Lisa To Release Special “0327” Photo Book To Celebrate Birthday

    Source: Soompi BLACKPINK’s Lisa will be showcasing her talents as a photographer. On March 12, YG Entertainment announced that they will be selling a limited edition photo book “0327.” The photo book was created by Lisa, who had a hand in everything from planning everything out to curating...
  10. _Nana_

    Appreciation Blackpink full video "welcoming collection 2020"

    Watch Full BLACKPINK 2020 Welcoming Collection video ... ~45mins !!! i guess that the most content we'll get :yolk: :yolk: enjoy every second :rosesmug: https://blackpinkupdate.com/buy-official-blackpink-2020-welcoming-collection/
  11. SeulgisAbs

    Discussion Let's talk about how BLACKPINK snatched a collab with Lady Gaga & Ariana while BTS ended up with the measly Sia

    The closest Bts would ever come to Ariana was their selfie Grammy backstage. Sad. Bp and Ariana are featured in Gaga next album Chromtica, says a rumor. What makes it a fact is that the producer of Chromatica followed BP in ig. Tsk tsk.
  12. _Nana_

    Appreciation Happy Rosé Day <3

    happy Rosé Day u all, cutest chipmunk ever :rosesmug:, may we see her solo this year :jisoosmh:
  13. emanresu

    Appreciation Jennie Is So Gosh Darn Pretty

    Jennie Is So Gosh Darn Pretty Oof.
  14. kingtae

    Appreciation Jennie x OLENS ..we have been blessed

    Jennie looking insanely fine :O I mean Xmas is over by now but whatever lol
  15. Kiseki

    Rumor YGs updated 2020 plans (Blackpink delayed, Big Bang & iKon comeback)

    So much for that first quarter comeback :wimwim: -Treasure is set to begin activities in January 2020 -Big Bang is expected to comeback in Q1 2020 before heading into Coachella -iKON also expected to comeback in Q1 2020 -BLACKPINK’s previously stated early 2020 comeback has now been pushed...
  16. blueberries

    News Disgusting Thai Cafe owner tries to sell "items" used by Lisa

    You sometimes hear stuff like "this celebrity spent night in our hotel" or "this star visited this cafe often", but this one owner of Cafe MQQN in Thailand took it to disturbing and disgusting spheres after Lisa visited his cafe. He put on auction several items he claimed were used by Lisa and...
  17. Kiseki

    Discussion Favourite top 5 girl groups 2019 release

    Cause why not :pandatea:
  18. Ozymandias

    Discussion Senpai's 2019 SOTY list.

    Initially I made a top 100 all time list for boy group titles here. And a similar one for girl group titles here. So, concurrent with those lists, and taking into account some newer releases and songs that I might have suddenly come to love, here's the year end list for 2019. Personally, I...