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  1. potato

    Appreciation To the kindhearted Turtur

    You may have all already heard of the tragic fires happening in Australia right now, affecting thousands of people and animals as well as destroying acres of wildlife. In response to this, the kindhearted and charitable @Tir, who has already made various donations, saw how many people have also...
  2. MinSquishy


    Welcome to the thread dedicated to the most genius man in the Kpop Industry!! ~ MIN YOONGI ~ Basic Info: Stage Name: Suga (슈가) Full Name: Min Yoon Gi (민윤기) Position: Lead Rapper Birthday: March 9, 1993 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 174 cm (5’8.5″) Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs) Blood Type: O...
  3. kuro

    Appreciation happy anniversary: admin edition

    🎉 to celebrate KS' s first anniversary, some staff members have put together a little appreciation 🎈 (this is long :wimwim: ) ------------------------------------------------------- for the lovely @Son Na Eun from @mirella from @Mangoey from @Tir from @la_mort_pour_vous from...
  4. Yseki

    Appreciation Hello People, I'm Back

    To appreciate my fav subunit Double Ace
  5. Loki

    Appreciation Sana speaking english

    how can someone be so perfect? Sana is everything :pepecry1::pepeheart: Thank you for existing, Sana :sanapray:
  6. JakeyWantsCakey

    Discussion Spam me with your fave BOPS!!!

    Rules: The song must be a BOP! Only one song/video per post (we're trying to increase our post count in this b*tch!) The song can be from any genre, language, decade etc. My first BOP:
  7. kingtae

    Appreciation Taeyeon Japan concert Appreciation

    send help :<
  8. wonton

    Photo Worst Selca Taking Idol?

    It's been a running joke in Seventeen and their fandom that Wonwoo(and Vernon) are the worst at taking a selca. It came to a point that Jun (who is admittedly one of the best at taking selcas) taught Wonwoo how to take proper selcas: Or that their leader, S. Coups, have to take Wonwoo's selca...
  9. wayvoutsold

    Appreciation The users that changed me

    I want to talk about the users here that I feel don’t get enough acknowledgement and were very kind to me. @ImhereandImded-you were one of my first friends when I joined AKP. We even almost got married! When I joined here, you stayed by my side and helped me navigate it. I am sad we don’t talk...
  10. GoldenBunny

    Appreciation This boy has been looking extra fine lately

    I feel obligated as a stan to share how good Jeon Jungkook looked this week, what with his wavy hair and exposed forehead. Just... damn. :pepeheart: The man, the myth, the legend that is 190405 JK:
  11. GoldenBunny

    Appreciation Fire-hot performance, amazing visuals

    It's cold and wet here and I'm bored so here's Jungkook being sexy/cute/beautiful in Hong Kong yesterday How is he so pretty? Boy was wildin' all over the place :llama_BLEED: whatta dork

    Appreciation We love a talented rapper who puts her rap and fans on the same priority

    One of the greatest times of Lisa's rap ever, she were slaying, 100% live on top of that, I'm thankful that BLACKPINK has two amazing rappers, each one with her own charms, our pride!
  13. Yachii

    Appreciation BTS x Dreamcatcher ships

    Just a little disclaimer; these are not my ships. I don't truly know BTS; but this video helps me appreciate them.
  14. Discipline

    Appreciation Appreciation for a very cute user!

    Who? the one and only; @perhapz You're such a kind-hearted user, from welcoming users to going out of your way to compliment and get to know others, it's really adorable! I've seen some of your posts and you're so engaging and talkative to the users on the platform and I personally couldn't...
  15. blueberries

    Appreciation Late night thoughts- T.O.P singer?

    I have been spending my night bumping into random Big Bang videos and somehow ended to listening T.O.P sing. Which he kinda can do, sometimes? Well, I started to think it's bit of shame he doesn't sing more. He has such appealing tone that many don't have in kpop, he's voice is deeper than most...

    Appreciation MonstaX Minhyuk{King of Whales}

    MONSTA X LEE MINHYUK { KING OF WHALES } Name: Lee Min-hyuk Position: Face of the Group, Vitamin C, Visual, Vocalist Birthday: November 3rd, 1993 Zodiac: Scorpio Blood Type: A Monsta X Twitter ~He was the last member to be confirmed for Monsta X. ~Born in Gwangju, South Korea. ~Minhyuk's mother...
  17. SuddenlyKfan

    Appreciation Park Bom- The Corn queen

    Bommie is the sweetest and kindest idol ever. She's so spontaneous and quirky that you can't stop watching her. Take a look at some of her best moments and be blessed. Let's not forget her beautiful voice... And of course, her status as queen of collaborations. MY QUEEN...
  18. RavenHikari

    Appreciation Tis The Season

    To Bring Out The Holiday Spirit so I brought back out my holiday dp. :maheart: My Sungmin dp is naturally so cute just like him. so uwu :pandalove:
  19. Kaikat

    Appreciation Kpop appreciation thread

    This is an appreciation thread for all the kpop idols (be it groups or individuals) and the kpop music. Please only post appreciations in this thread and spam as much love as you can lets start with me: I appreciate all the idols and their hardwork even if their music is not my style... They...
  20. M

    Discussion [APPRECIATION] Free Somebody

    One of the best kpop albums imo. All the songs are amazing (especially Breathe and Galaxy) and it's Luna! What else could you want in an album?