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  1. eclipsoul

    Dance Practice AOA 'Sorry' Choreography Video

  2. emanresu

    Appreciation Pretty Seolhyun In Big Giant Glasses

    Pretty Seolhyun In Big Giant Glasses Pretty Seolhyun looks so cute in her big giant glasses and trench coat. She looks like she could be an eccentric Museum Curator. Or maybe play Magic The Gathering in her spare time at the local coffee shop. Oof.....she's so cute.
  3. emanresu

    Appreciation I'm Seolhyun & I Can Do Many Things

    I'm Seolhyun & I Can Do Many Things I can drink beverages! I can have pigtails! I can blow out candles on a cake! I can drink from a straw! I can be a model! I can be at a coffee shop! I can play with my dog! I can....do whatever it is I'm doing here...
  4. Belgizen

    Rumor The identity of the mysterious E.NA got exposed

    You might have seen E.NA in the credits of your fave kpop song. You might have wondered who it was. They are a lyricist and composer. Here are some songs you might know them of: - Becoming the Wing (Mr. Sunshine OST) - That Star (Catch that Ghost OST) (backing vocals:) - Heart Shaker (Twice) -...
  5. emanresu

    Appreciation Santa Seolhyun

    Santa Seolhyun Put out cookies and milk for her. We need to fatten Santa Seolhyun up.
  6. Kiseki

    News SBS Gayo Daejeon collab stages

  7. Ozymandias

    Discussion Top critic ranks top 100 Kpop Girl Group/Female soloists title songs of all time

    Back by popular demand, everyone's favorite critic and Kpop connoisseur Ozy Senpai aka Hayabusa aka Forum oppa is back with his top 100 female soloists/girl group titles of all time. Once again, only songs with MVs are eligible. What is not eligible? Any song with a male collab or feature. So...
  8. Kiseki

    Discussion Which of these 3rd gen hits is your favourite?

    Which one is your favourite? :dubuthink:
  9. Kiseki

    Discussion Youkyung drumming to Come See Me

  10. Kiseki

    Discussion Eunji cried while watching AOA on Queendom

    Apink for season 2? :pandatea: "On December 2, AOA appeared as guests on the KBS radio show “Jung Eun Ji’s Music Plaza.” Jung Eun Ji of Apink asked the girl group about their appearance on Mnet’s “Queendom.” Jimin commented, “We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t felt any pressure. We...
  11. eclipsoul

    Audio AOA - New Moon [full album]

    which songs are your favourites?
  12. eclipsoul

    MV AOA - Come See Me

  13. Kiseki

    Discussion AOA talks about their future and upcoming comeback

    AOA recently participated in a photo shoot and interview with Harper’s Bazaar where they opened up about their upcoming album and future hopes as a group. This was the girl group’s first photo shoot with the current five members. In the interview that followed the photo shoot, AOA was asked to...