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  1. Hayabusa

    Discussion Top critic ranks top 100 Kpop Girl Group/Female soloists title songs of all time

    Back by popular demand, everyone's favorite critic and Kpop connoisseur Ozy Senpai aka Hayabusa aka Forum oppa is back with his top 100 female soloists/girl group titles of all time. Once again, only songs with MVs are eligible. What is not eligible? Any song with a male collab or feature. So...
  2. Kiseki

    Discussion Which of these 3rd gen hits is your favourite?

    Which one is your favourite? :dubuthink:
  3. Kiseki

    Discussion Youkyung drumming to Come See Me

  4. Kiseki

    Discussion Eunji cried while watching AOA on Queendom

    Apink for season 2? :pandatea: "On December 2, AOA appeared as guests on the KBS radio show “Jung Eun Ji’s Music Plaza.” Jung Eun Ji of Apink asked the girl group about their appearance on Mnet’s “Queendom.” Jimin commented, “We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t felt any pressure. We...
  5. eclipsoul

    Audio AOA - New Moon [full album]

    which songs are your favourites?
  6. eclipsoul

    MV AOA - Come See Me

  7. Kiseki

    Discussion AOA talks about their future and upcoming comeback

    AOA recently participated in a photo shoot and interview with Harper’s Bazaar where they opened up about their upcoming album and future hopes as a group. This was the girl group’s first photo shoot with the current five members. In the interview that followed the photo shoot, AOA was asked to...
  8. Kiseki

    Tourney Lion vs Sorry - R5 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Lion and Sorry are both tied for 2nd and this is the only match left so who will win this match and solidify their 2nd place position? Other Round 5 Matches Moonlight vs Wanna Go Back Destiny vs Guerilla
  9. Kiseki

    Tourney Sorry vs Wanna Go Back - R4 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Sorry got its 1st loss last round and went from tied for 1st to tied for 2nd and going against Wanna Go Back will Sorry pick up a win or another loss? Other Round 4 Matches Destiny vs Lion Guerilla vs Moonlight
  10. Kiseki

    Tourney Guerilla vs Sorry - R3 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Guerilla and Sorry have both won their first two matches in the tournament but now onto round 3 they are going against each other and only one can continue their winning streak, the question is who? Other Round 3 Matches Lion vs Wanna Go Back Destiny vs Moonlight
  11. Kiseki

    Tourney Destiny vs Sorry - R2 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Destiny and Sorry left round 1 with a win each and now they are going to clash but which one will remain a winner out of the two? Other Round 2 Matches Lion vs Moonlight Guerilla vs Wanna Go Back