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  1. KwonSoonYoung

    im emo T^T

    this is from one of the most whole predebut seventeen concert T^T [17’s Seokmin] Scary amateur Mc!!!@@I’m Seokmin!! Thank you so much to everyone for coming to the concert. Please give more love to Seventeen in the future❤ Everyone has worked hard today. Let’s go eat meat!!
  2. KwonSoonYoung

    18+ Funniest JK Rowling tweets

    so she said this NOW everyone is trolling HARD https://twitter.com/search?q="JK Rowling"&src=tren&data_id=tweet:1107325697037615104 im fuckninh dying
  3. KwonSoonYoung

    News Some of the Produce X Trainees

    GOOD LUCK BOKAI YOU CAN DO IT GOOD LUCK SEUNGMIN TOO but you are far too young god
  4. KwonSoonYoung

    Appreciation Scoups in GYM

    doing everything that shouldnt be done in gym
  5. KwonSoonYoung

    Appreciation LOOK AT HIS CHEEKS

    T^T T^T T^T
  6. KwonSoonYoung

    how pretty

    shame its taken by the creepiest fucker in fandom that refuses to quit even after its found out she is a sasaeng
  7. KwonSoonYoung

    Discussion JJY's Videos Leaked to Public

    Article: 'S*x video' suspected to be Jung Jun Young spreads using the anonymity of iPhone air drop feature Source: MBN TV via Nate 1. [+1,460, -40] And so it spreads. I feel bad for the victims. Anyone who is trying to look these videos up are no different from Jung Jun Young. 2...
  8. KwonSoonYoung

    no one can beat hoshi on stage

    :llama_tea:its the tea
  9. KwonSoonYoung

    Discussion [PN] Some Korean's see "spy cams" as "sexual intercourse"

    Seungri? I feel a bit sorry for him Did they just say something? Or was it fart? instiz -It's very shocking to actually hear people thinking 'illegally and secretly filmed videos' as just porns.. -These are not manipulated..? -They even showed their faces.. How are they going...
  10. KwonSoonYoung

    News Police told Repair Shop to pretend they can't retrieve messages

    its truly shameful, i hope they will share all of the messages with SBS so even if police "losts" it there will be a copy of JJY's phone
  11. KwonSoonYoung

    Appreciation Predebut Hoshi and Wonwoo

    ma uwu babies
  12. KwonSoonYoung

    News Reporter who discovered Burning Sun scandal went missing + his house burnt down

    god wtf update; his instagram cant be found its deleted http://www.greened.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=97513 ____ Edit: It seems like his insta is found, atm there seems to be no need to worry at least
  13. KwonSoonYoung

    now lets ignore drama for a sec

    and look at short hair yeonwoo :llama_squish:
  14. KwonSoonYoung

    Comeback SEVENTEEN Announces First Japan Comeback

    Today, Seventeen announced a comeback for first Japan single after the love Call Call Call! got, as well as the titles of the songs that will be released on the Pledis' Official Japan Branch's Twitter. Official Tracklist includes; Happy Ending (Title) Oh My! (Japanese Version) Healing...
  15. KwonSoonYoung


    Tracklist 1. Happy Ending 2. Oh My! (Japan Ver.) 3. Healing (Japan Ver.) 4 versions: Limited Ed A (with 36p photobook A & photocard A) LE B (36p PB B & PC B) LE C (Jacket shooting & member interview bluray, 16p PB C & PC C) Regular Ed (16p PB D & PC D) Showcase June 7 -...
  16. KwonSoonYoung

    The day Woozi broke down because of carats

    in a nice way <3 @maruif @AlliAlligator
  17. KwonSoonYoung


    LISTEN CLOSELY LOL HE IS SCREAMING "Shinee Is BACK" :llama_blush:hoshis love for shinee is almost as deep as my love for shinee unless he wants to marry shinee members (which i suspect)
  18. KwonSoonYoung

    Photo SVT DK as King Arthur

    If the sword chose me, I have to rise as a King
  19. KwonSoonYoung

    *smooch smooch smooch*

    uwuwuuwuwuuw smooch smooch stay with no make up soonyoung it suits you far better T^T smoochie smooch he is so soft T^T <3 <3