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  1. KwonSoonYoung

    im emo T^T

    im 20 im old T^T
  2. KwonSoonYoung

    Appreciation Cheering kits for Seventeen's manager

    thats fucking cute
  3. KwonSoonYoung

    Gossip I thought Jun was a T-ara stan when I saw this :(

    its bcs if you throw a vans shoe, it always falls on same side o.o
  4. KwonSoonYoung

    im emo T^T

    feel old with me T^T
  5. KwonSoonYoung

    im emo T^T

    im fucking sad
  6. KwonSoonYoung

    im emo T^T

  7. KwonSoonYoung

    im emo T^T

    i feel old
  8. KwonSoonYoung

    im emo T^T

    this is from one of the most whole predebut seventeen concert T^T [17’s Seokmin] Scary amateur Mc!!!@@I’m Seokmin!! Thank you so much to everyone for coming to the concert. Please give more love to Seventeen in the future❤ Everyone has worked hard today. Let’s go eat meat!!
  9. KwonSoonYoung

    Comeback SEVENTEEN Announces First Japan Comeback

    at least it would be adorable lol
  10. KwonSoonYoung

    Comeback SEVENTEEN Announces First Japan Comeback

    they did but still understandable!! chinese is hard to understand o.o
  11. KwonSoonYoung

    Comeback SEVENTEEN Announces First Japan Comeback

    tbh they are not bad at japanese chinese on the other hand...
  12. KwonSoonYoung

    MV NCT 127 'Wakey-Wakey' MV

    that was embarrassing im no better than sehun it seems :maheart:
  13. KwonSoonYoung

    News good things do happen

    Fuck yeah this is the pleasure
  14. KwonSoonYoung

    Comeback SEVENTEEN Announces First Japan Comeback

    Well its a single so ;-; at least its 3 songs abd not scamming like yg "mini albums" lmao Otherwise the reason fkr few songs is woozi cant write japanese lyrics, he has to keep asking people for it
  15. KwonSoonYoung

    News Some of the Produce X Trainees

    Hm maybe they just want him to gain few fans?
  16. KwonSoonYoung


    If you even saw her in real life i imagine you will judt have heart attack RIGHT THERE
  17. KwonSoonYoung

    News BURNING SUN: Police books 40 as suspects of drug crimes, 9 of those for date drug crimes

    THANK YOU FOR ADDING THEN <3 Otherwise this better not be end there are still guilty ones
  18. KwonSoonYoung

    MV NCT 127 'Wakey-Wakey' MV

    Whats with yuta? I think his name? Rhe one with long hair
  19. KwonSoonYoung

    Discussion BP in Westen Makeup

    looks more like uk/american make up lol, foundation is so thick here, disturbs me
  20. KwonSoonYoung

    18+ ~Ranting and Venting~ New Rules Added. Just a tiny set

    thats it we are no longer friends