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  1. kinnie

    Discussion What's Your Ideal Living Situation?

    The architecture reminds me of Korea. Right where I want to be. <3 Realistically I'd go for something small and cute. 1 story, white or dark blue with a porch. I think it would be so cool to design and build a house. $$$
  2. kinnie

    Discussion Do You Want Kids?

    Maybe like one when I turn 30 and then ten more furbabies. :dubuthink:
  3. kinnie

    Opinions Comment and I'll Tell You What Cat Breed You Are

  4. kinnie

    Discussion Manhwas Are Great

    Manhwa; a style of South Korean comic books and graphic novels. Does anyone else enjoy reading manhwa? If so, what have you read? Have any favorites? I personally like the BL ones. >> Painter of the Night is a BL romance set in historical Korea. It's good but for mature audiences like 18+++++...
  5. kinnie

    News 네-오존 톱챠트 : 중간 집계 | Neo Zone Top Chart : Midway Count Video

    Jungwoo and Taeil make such a beautiful pair.
  6. kinnie

    Teaser UNVS - Timeless (Teaser1)

    Okay, but who us she??
  7. kinnie

    Dance Practice [MV] ELRIS(엘리스) _ This is me (Dance Ver.)

    Yeee, get it girls.
  8. kinnie


  9. kinnie

    GFX Give Me Something to Edit

    I'm bored. Can y'all give me something to edit? Like I can make a banner of cats for you idc. I just need something to do at this point. xD
  10. kinnie

    Teaser [Teaser1] MCND _ [ICE AGE] M/V TEASER

    A potential bop in the making. uwu
  11. kinnie

    Teaser 엘리스(ELRIS) - 4TH MINI ALBUM 'JACKPOT' Highlight Medley

    Bop after bop.
  12. kinnie

    Teaser NCT 127 'Not Alone' Track Video #12

  13. kinnie

    Teaser NCT 127 '낮잠 (Pandora's Box)' Track Video #4

  14. kinnie

    Teaser NCT 127 '뿔 (MAD DOG)' Track Video #7

  15. kinnie

    Teaser NCT 127 'Elevator (127F)' Track Video #1

  16. kinnie

    Teaser NCT 127 '우산 (Love Song)' Track Video #10

    They can make a low budget video turn into the real og. :maheart:
  17. kinnie

    Thoughts I forced myself to workout.

    Yesterday I started my own workout routine and today I feel sore as heck. My entire body is mad at me rn. At least I know I did something right. I need for someone to massage my buns. :sadcat:
  18. kinnie

    Discussion Extreme Things You'd Do

    What are some extreme things you'd do or want to do? I've been wanting to go bungee jumping even though I'm petrified of heights. I like the idea of taking a trip to space one day. I'd like to visit the depths of the ocean.
  19. kinnie

    Discussion Spotify Exchange

    This is a Spotify music exchange where you exchange 10 songs with someone else. Make sure to tag the person. I'd like to do a song exchange with @MinSquishy 1. Purple by Hyuna & E'Dawn 2. Your Difference by Lucente 3. Blah by PLT 4. LOVE DIVE by JBJ95 5. Rooftop by N.Flying 6. Twilight by...
  20. kinnie

    Game I Challenge You..

    I challenge you to do 10 pushups. The next person will perform the challenge and leave an emoji for their reaction. After that, they will leave another challenge for the next person. :pepeheart: