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  1. DrewB

    Discussion Why is no one talking about JYP new show?

    I dont even know what it is. A Japanese Sixteen maybe? But I hardly see anyone online talking about it. Why? Its JYP yall!
  2. DrewB

    Discussion Rachel Stevens "Sweet Dreams My LA Ex"

    Fun fact: This 2003 British pop song from my girl Rachel is what got me into f(x) and kpop in 2015. Can anyone guess how? @emanresu @RandAlThor
  3. DrewB

    Discussion The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

    Any fans? This is probably my favorite Disney animated feature of the 90s. I was actually obsessed with this movie during the Summer of 2000. I watched it every single day. Also bought the soundtrack and bumped it in my car all the time. Best opening to a Disney movie? Probably.
  4. DrewB

    Discussion Im so bored im shadow boxing

    And I'm getting my ass whooped. My shadow is winning. Why are weekends so boring?
  5. DrewB

    Discussion Im only looking forward to two comebacks this year

    Sonamoo and Itzy. If these two groups new songs are good then that's all I'll need for 2020 to be considered a success. Sonamoo especially since it's been soo long since they dropped an official comeback.
  6. DrewB

    Discussion Sulli and Kara 10 years ago

    How about this for a blast from the past? @RandAlThor
  7. DrewB

    Discussion Have some SNSD Hoot

    To brighten your day.
  8. DrewB

    Discussion f(x) Chu reaction restored my faith in YouTube reactors

    Sorry for another f(x) thread. But I wanted to share this video of this f(x) fan giving the most honest reaction I've ever seen. No bullshit, no faking it, no playing up to the camera. Just a man and his love for a group. His positivity is so relaxing. @anyone who cares.
  9. DrewB

    Discussion Sera Ryu introduces herself to DIA

  10. DrewB

    Discussion Two types of pictures i will never "like" on social media

    Food and dogs. Pictures of food are the most boring pictures ever. I dont care. I will not give your photo a "like" no matter who you are. Dogs are the most obnoxious creatures ever created. The sight and sound of a dog instantly ruins my day. This thread is dedicated to the hottest girl of...
  11. DrewB

    Discussion New Sulli retrospective

    I couldn't make it through this whole thing. Halfway through it just got so sad I had to stop watching. But what I saw was really good and thought some of you might like to see it. A few minutes in she gives up on her English and goes to robot voice. I appreciate her effort.
  12. DrewB

    Discussion First time reaction to f(x)

    Never watched his videos before so I cant tell if hes legit a fan or just saying he is like all YouTubers do so they get more views. I always say I hate reactors but when its f(x) I'm going to click every single time.
  13. DrewB

    Discussion Your favorite Krystal era?

    Nu Abo for me. Love her hair and outfits from this era. This compilation of Krystal cuts from Nu Abo shows how amazing she looked back then. Red Light is runner up.
  14. DrewB

    Discussion Kpop has finally abandoned the Uncle fan

    Attention male kpop fans 30 and older. Its official. Kpop doesn't care about you anymore. Blackpink, Itzy, G(I)dal, Weki Meki, Rocket Punch, Cherry Bullet, Saturday, Gugudan, Everglow, Loona and countless others have gone 100% girl/teen crush. I just watched Cherry Bullet new video and...
  15. DrewB

    Discussion Brother Bear (2003)

    Any fans? One of the last Disney hand drawn animated films which was mostly over looked as this was the time when Pixar really blew up and started taking over. Looking this movie up recently online I've discovered it has a pretty big cult following. One of my personal favorites. Good story...
  16. DrewB

    Appreciation Cant no girl group today fuck wit f(x)

    This stage mix is so fucking bad ass.
  17. DrewB

    Discussion Top 50 most popular girl groups in Korea right now

    My girls f(x) in the top 20 despite not releasing an album in five years. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/top-50-popular-girl-groups-in-korea-right-now-february-2020/
  18. DrewB

    Discussion My two favorite Itzy members

    These two girls ain't no joke. @emanresu
  19. DrewB

    Appreciation Sulli was special

    Theres no way she didn't know she was beautiful. But still my favorite tribute video.
  20. DrewB

    Discussion S Club 7 was my SHIT back in the day

    Anyone remember this British pop group from 99 to 03? Before I discovered f(x) and kpop S Club 7 was my group of choice. Still to this day I bump me some S Club.