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  1. Kimono

    Discussion Which K-Pop Group Should You Check Out Next?

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/tataco/answer-these-questions-and-ill-tell-you-a-boy-gr-a344n669of i got n.flying
  2. Kimono

    Discussion Where to watch Tiffany’s special?

  3. Kimono

    Discussion Myers Briggs Personality Test

    What do you type as? I was mostly INFP for several years on these. I am now ISFP perhaps... What are you? Few tests: https://www.16personalities.com/ https://youtopiaproject.com/youtopia-16-assessment/ https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1073088/Genius-Style-Assessment
  4. Kimono

    Discussion Gift ideas thread

    Need ideas for gifting to my family. My stepfather likes these things but isn’t a manly man * wrestling videos * star wars * western books * star wars *star trek game on iOS Store Recently I bought him a Star Wars cap and a shirt of a show he likes. What to get him? We are not close so don’t...
  5. Kimono

    Discussion What type of person are you?

    Are you more into movies, music, tv shows, books or games? Edit: f*** it my poll vanished 🤦‍♀️
  6. Kimono

    Discussion Why do kpop and jpop songs randomly mention...

    Random sweet foods in English? There are countless songs where they suddenly say “chocolate kiss” “candy smooch” ice cream love” or something like that. Is there something behind this? Just wondering what it is lol.
  7. Kimono

    Discussion What do you think of people..

    Putting reindeer antlers and red noses on their cars for Christmas
  8. Kimono

    Discussion Let's Find Out Which K-Pop Group You Need To Stan Next

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/mmjvg/what-k-pop-group-would-you-like-best-for-non-kpo-7bpdc8yk9a?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bfsharefacebook&quiz_result=123723761_2#123723761 NCT
  9. Kimono

    Discussion What do you do when you listen to kpop?

    I like to do puzzle magazines or colouring apps on my tablet. What do you do?
  10. Kimono

    Appreciation Love this song by Goo Hara

    May she Rest In Peace... such a great song
  11. Kimono

    Appreciation I f***ing love this song

    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰 Tag: ariaz
  12. Kimono

    Discussion Only A Real K-Pop Fan Can Identify The Song From Its English Phrases

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/fancyffion/can-you-guess-the-k-pop-song-by-the-english-phrase-490i4s2qpi 2/7 by guesses lol.
  13. Kimono

    Discussion 100% Unofficial Idols of K-Pop: Your essential review and guide to who’s who (book)

    Hired out at the library. Few inside pics for spoilers (don’t want to get into trouble)
  14. Kimono

    Appreciation When you hop out of the shower...

    😂 Tag: dreamnote
  15. Kimono

    Appreciation This bop ......

    Plus the fire crackles Of the campfire version Tag: we girls
  16. Kimono


    Discovered this song. I find it very weak do you like it?
  17. Kimono

    Discussion KPOP now! The Korean music revolution (book)

    Issued this book at the library. It’s from 2014 so some groups have broken up since. Have you read it? I made a playlist of the groups mentioned (currently just girl groups, I’m doing boy bands too) Girl groups mentioned are: * Girls Generation * 2NE1 * Wonder Girls * 4minute * After...
  18. Kimono

    Discussion What spirit animal are you quiz

  19. Kimono

    Game Movie suggestion game

    5 Movie watching game. You must watch the movies or the trailers at least. If it is inappropriate or not your cup of tea for personal reasons, you can skip to the next movie suggestion. Pick a movie genre you like. Just one or two. Go to Set Your Filters - Suggest Me Movie Pick those genres...
  20. Kimono

    Discussion J girl group music suggestions

    Long time ago was huge into Jpop. I got into it before kpop and lost interest. I used to listen to lots of AKB48 and some of the girls solo work. I also liked Nogizaka46 and heaps of those groups. I liked Yuki Kashiwagi and her sub group French Kiss. But my Stan was DREAM (which now split :( )...