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  1. LadyLoverSunmi

    Discussion The Japanese Jukebox

    Okay, so I figured why not make a thread where we post our favourite Japanese songs, from Anime themes to J-rock, to J-pop, etc? I have a lot of gems that I want to relisten to, so I'm excited about this thread! I'll start by posting a couple in this OP and see how we go! :pandalove: From the...
  2. LadyLoverSunmi

    Discussion My All-time Top 100 Kpop Songs

    I have had to leave some songs out because of how many songs I love, but these are my current 100 and it could change from time to time. I also may do a mini tournament later for the top 10 I have. TOP 100 100. Dalshabet - Someone Like U 99. MINX - Shut Up 98. Dreamcatcher - Mayday 97. Apink...
  3. LadyLoverSunmi

    Appreciation Man managed to save his neighbours dog after its leash got caught in an elevator door

    Such a close call! If he wasn't there, the dog would have been gone :umjicry: Great he was there though! Well done to him for saving a life! I shall say she is an irresponsible owner and should have checked to see her dog was in the elevator.
  4. LadyLoverSunmi

    Discussion This guy seems a tad angry at Kpop stans

  5. LadyLoverSunmi

    Discussion The True Gay Meaning Behind Sunmi's Curve [Video]

    Very interesting!
  6. LadyLoverSunmi

    Appreciation Dreamcatcher's reaction when their food arrives from their hotel room

    They are doing their American tour atm, but their reaction they have from when their food arrives is priceless:
  7. LadyLoverSunmi

    Discussion Even Sohee knew that Sunmi likes girls

    Sohee whispers: "Sunmi only likes girls" :lisalaugh:
  8. LadyLoverSunmi

    Appreciation Little boy vents his anger at driver for hitting his mother

    This honestly is so sweet! I'm glad no one was seriously injured too.
  9. LadyLoverSunmi

    Appreciation This is so beautiful!

  10. LadyLoverSunmi

    News Comedians Removed From EBS Children’s Show Following Videos Of Apparent Violence And Verbal Harassment Of Busters’s Chaeyeon

    That's good that they have been kicked off the show, though I would still like them to be investigated. Source: Comedians Removed From EBS Children’s Show Following Videos Of Apparent Violence And Verbal Harassment Of Busters’s Chaeyeon Comedians Removed From EBS Children’s Show Following...
  11. LadyLoverSunmi

    Cover [Dreamcatcher Special Clip] SuA - COPYCAT

  12. LadyLoverSunmi

    Appreciation Yoohyeon just keeps being amazing!

    Stan talent! Stan likeability factor! Stan representation for all!
  13. LadyLoverSunmi

    18+ Sunmi's song 'Curve' is about lesbian sex

    I kid you not. She actually mentioned that one of the 3 points of a 'curve' is about a woman's body but you could also say that the other two points can also merge together and I can say that the song is quite erotic. English lyrics: it’ll probably be tense where am I supposed to look? I’m...
  14. LadyLoverSunmi

    MV BAND-MAID/Blooming

  15. LadyLoverSunmi

    Discussion Does anyone know what Chinese movie/tv show this is from?

    Because I would love to watch it. The comments section is all in Vietnamese, so I have no idea what it is.
  16. LadyLoverSunmi

    Appreciation LGBTQ Humor

    This is pretty funny lol
  17. LadyLoverSunmi

    Discussion Dahyun gets angry at JYP

    This is comical lmao
  18. LadyLoverSunmi

    Discussion Some people will go to great lengths...

    to ship completely random idols together! It actually makes me vomit 🤮🤮🤮
  19. LadyLoverSunmi

    Discussion Comparing how Boy and Girl Groups are treated in Kpop

    She does have valid points!
  20. LadyLoverSunmi

    Discussion Would you still support your bias group if their company started mistreating them like TS Entertainment?

    I know that this may seem an obvious situation but there are still people who would support the group even if they were being abused. Supporting the group would mean also supporting the company. If Dreamcatcher were ever in that situation, then although I have spent so much on the group itself...