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    wassup nugus

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    :pandaamazed: :pandalove:

    :pandaamazed: :pandalove:
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    Coming from you, I'm honored. :pepeheart:

    Coming from you, I'm honored. :pepeheart:
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    Intro hello, kinda new

    Welcome :pepeheart: there, take some suggestions
  7. Linky

    When did you became a kpop fan? Do you still like your first group?

    April, this year. I was watching reaction videos then suddenly BOOMBAYAH was in my recommended. My first group was BLACKPINK, and my first bias was Jisoo. My UB group is BLACKPINK and my UB is Jisoo :chickill:
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    yo help pls

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    Most violent/disturbing anime you have seen? (18+) (Some spoilers)

    Fucked up anime = good anime :pepecross:
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    yo help pls

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    What is your bias leaving under your Christmas tree?

    Good, approved :llama_smooch:
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    yo help pls

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    yo help pls

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    yo help pls

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    Game Who's Your Bias in the group above you

    I don't have one Mamamoo
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    yo help pls

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    Intro Introduction

    Thank you :pepeheart: your sig is really pretty
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    Discussion If you could be any magical creature, what would you be?

    Agreed :llama_smooch: