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  1. Andrea

    Sales Top 10 Best-Selling Artists in 2019

    After seeing the other thread I found this really interesting chart. P.S. TWICE is the only girl group in the top 10!
  2. Andrea

    Discussion Who is your least favorite idol in your favorite group?

    My favorite group is TWICE and, if I really had to pick my least favorite member, then I would say Jeongyeon. Yours?
  3. Andrea

    Appreciation Sana asking Jihyo if she looks pretty:

  4. Andrea

    Discussion What's your favorite thing to do while listening to music?

    Self-explanatory, what is your favorite thing to do while listening to music?
  5. Andrea

    Discussion Who is the idol you are the most grateful for?

    Mine is Jihyo (TWICE) because of so many reasons! One day I will probably write a pretty long post about it and share it all. Yours? Any idol, active or inactive, just say the one who makes you the happiest, who inspires you the most. Looking forward to your replies!
  6. Andrea

    Discussion All K-pop groups risk to disappear but you could save 3, who would you choose?

    All K-pop groups risk to disappear but you can save 3 of them, who would you choose? Rules: 1. You must put them in order of preference, preferably give a reason too. 3. You can only save 3 groups, same list for both girls and boys. 3. The mentioned groups must be active. Have fun! :dubuwave:
  7. Andrea

    Discussion Which girl group should I check next?

    Since joining this community I got introduced to Dreamcatcher and Red Velvet, as I only listened to TWICE before. Dreamcatcher was a nice discovery but I personally did not find their sound appealing, on the other hand Red Velvet impressed me since the start with their being so joyful, and...
  8. Andrea

    Discussion TWICE Discography Overview

    Hello everyone! This thread will feature a TWICE discography overview starting from the beginning made by myself. It is going to be a place for people willing to approach this group for the first time, as I will go through the journey in a pretty comprehensive way, but also for fans to share...
  9. Andrea

    Intro Hi, I'm new!

    Hello everyone, my name is Andrea and I am from Italy! My hobbies range widely from sports to videogames and from music to movies and TV shows. I found this place while looking for forums about Korean pop and, first impressions, this looks quite nice. Twice is my favorite group and I am a huge...