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  1. blueberries

    Discussion Controversial? 2018- who rose, who flopped, who stagnated

    So this might be nice... or at least interesting to talk about. What kpop acts do you think delivered and rose in 2018? What kpop acts stagnated? And who do you think just dropped the ball and flopped? I think I might get murdered over this somewhere else, so let's see how this goes :joysip...
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    Discussion Is there other joint fandoms like SoneJacks?

    Lot of people are multifans, but I haven't actually heard other joint fandom names being recognized than SoneJack. I mean I have called myself VipJack sure, but even if VIP and Blackjack pretty much share the fandom, VipJack isn't really recognized fandom name in kpop. But for some reason...
  3. blueberries

    Discussion What are your favs saying?

    with their song lyrics? -- Starting this off with 2NE1. They mostly do break-up songs, either the lyrics are about getting out of abusive or bad relationship (I Don't Care, Go Away, Hate You) or wistful songs about lost love (It Hurts, Happy, Missing You)- intrestingly Good to you is kinda...
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    Discussion JYP new survival show?.. for intership at company (knetz)

    So according to this article on netizenbuzz: Park Jin Young launches a survival audition show for an internship at JYP ~ Netizen Buzz JYP is launching new survival show, but not for idol group.. for intership at the company. Knetz aren't most into this according the comments, though this is...
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    Discussion Can your pet?

    Not the game lol xd So, more of thread about what stuff your pet can and can't do. -- I have been trying to teach my dog crawl a bit, but she just doesn't get it lol. She just stares me and tries to understand while trying all kinds of orders she already knows, but crawling is over her head I...
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    Discussion People complained about YG dressing Dara badly and

    that 2NE1's style washed down her good looks. Meanwhile Dara : like a boss. :pandaboss: Lol, I guess she misses 2NE1, she keeps wearing the eccentric hip hop fashion they had voluntarily xd Who would have guessed it was not YG's and 2NE1's fault she kept wearing weird clothes, seems like...
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    Audio Main vocalist vs Main rapper

    Main rapper Taecyeon's solo song Main vocalist Jun.K's solo song 2PM is kinda weird group...
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    Performance Golden Disc Awards - Day 1 Stream

    Link to the stream:
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    Appreciation Late night thoughts- T.O.P singer?

    I have been spending my night bumping into random Big Bang videos and somehow ended to listening T.O.P sing. Which he kinda can do, sometimes? Well, I started to think it's bit of shame he doesn't sing more. He has such appealing tone that many don't have in kpop, he's voice is deeper than most...
  10. blueberries

    ANIME FALL- Summary and Review

    Anime FALL season is coming to end and winter season will begin soon (some animes are already gotten their first eps oops). So I was asked to post bit of summaries of FALL season's animes that I watched, which ended up being 8 series. I did sth like that on AKP on the beginning of season with...
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    Appreciation @Lovely_Cornchips

    @Lovely_Cornchips . Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :pandaamazed: Hopefully you will get some quality time this christmas-new year period :) :pandalove: So, I'm your secret santa due to higher event powers ^^; Since I'm leaving tomorrow to visit my family for christmas period and I don't...
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    News Producer jailed for abusing idols (East Light)

    Link to Soompi's article on this: The East Light’s Former Producer Moon Young Il Jailed Ahead Of Trial For Abuse Allegations So some of members of kpop group East Light revealed that their company's producer has been abusing them both verbally and physically to extent of leaving choking them...
  13. blueberries

    How much have you watched anime?

    I recently achieved my 500 mark on shows completed on MAL, so I wonder how many others have been watching anime. Have you watched tons you weeb or have you just dabbled into anime stuff. Also do you read more manga than anime? Cause personally I have watched anime lot more than read mangas, but...
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    Appreciation Funny kpop clips along the years

    These are some oldies that are my favs (many have been deleted, but at least these remain). Post some our fav clips as well : )
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    News Gayoung's reveals- Reason why Stellar makes me very uncomfortable

    It was revealed before that Stellar girls had issue with staff trying to get them wear revealing underwear for Vibrato mv: ""We were strongly against it because we knew it was impossible to dance in them. This was a big no for us. We told them it was impossible because the thongs [G-strings]...
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    Discussion KPOP reaction channels?

    Do you follow any kpop reaction channels? I thought I was already over this stuff (used to follow JREKML, J.A.J & Josh Binder, MRJKPOP etc.), but I have quite recently- I mean one I discovered yesterday)- new channels who have quite interesting approaches. So yesterday I started watching Dream...
  17. blueberries

    Appreciation Journey with IU

    Since it's midnight and I guess sleeping is overrated, I decided to have bit of journey with my favorite IU mv's on the order. This is really very self-indulgent really. And I finally can show to people that I really stan IU, cause nobody guessed her right as my favorite solo artist when those...
  18. blueberries

    Discussion Have you ever been utterly disappointed with direction of TV Show?

    Of course there has been many tv shows I have watched with questionable endings and plottwists I haven't been into, but for me when I think tv shows that have really disappointed me to a point of actually starting kinda hate whole thing :pandamad::pandamad: and want to throw writers with rotten...
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    Performance MAMA 2018- Main Day- Red Carpet and Award Show!

    Red Carpet show here: Award Show Stream DAESANGS: Song of the Year: Twice (What is love) Artist of the Year: BTS Album of the Year: BTS Other awards (might miss some): Best Unit: Wanna One Triple Position Best vocal performance solo: Heize Best OST- Seventeen A-Teen New Asian Artist...
  20. blueberries

    Appreciation Happy 28th Birthday The Great Seungri!!

    So everyone's favorite Panda had his birthday 12.12 :pandalove: (which was technically yesterday for me, but it's still 12th in somewhere USA so it's okay right if I'm bit late ^^;)! While Seungri had quite many cakes and parties thrown for him days surrounding his birthday: The actual...