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  1. dreamcatcher

    Dance Practice ITZY - Dalla Dalla Dance Practice

    Chaeryoung killed me here. I am confident that she will stay my bias now.
  2. dreamcatcher

    Performance Dreamcatcher - Chase Me (Special Stage)

    this is soo weird. seeing them perform chase me with these cloths is just .... so different. Either way i still love this
  3. dreamcatcher

    Appreciation My babies - Dreamcatcher ( stan a group that is this perfect)

    These girls :maheart: they really are gaycatcher. stan the right girl group, stan dreamcatcher. you won't regret it.
  4. dreamcatcher

    Performance Dreamcatcher - Dance (KK Dance) on The Show

    these girls. I don't understand anything but I still am laughing with them :DDD
  5. dreamcatcher

    Teaser (G)I-DLE - I Made Art Film

    I love the look so far. Super hyped for the comeback
  6. dreamcatcher

    Dance Practice DREAMCATCHER - PIRI [dance practice]

    my babies are doing soooo good. I really love Piri and the dance is bomb
  7. dreamcatcher

    Dance Practice Taemin - Want [Dance Practice]

    I just love this dance
  8. dreamcatcher

    Performance TAEMIN in Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook

    King slayed.He looks soooo good
  9. dreamcatcher

    Cover Hwasa performs TVXQ's "Rising Sun"

    What a beautiful day it is today.
  10. dreamcatcher

    MV Olivia O'Brien - Love Myself

    This song is great and I love the MV. She did an amazing job here. Good that I randomly clicked on the MV. I defently forgot that I was subbed to her :D
  11. dreamcatcher


    I AM HYPED. Everything sound so good. So curious about the full songs now
  12. dreamcatcher

    Appreciation Valentines Day [Playlist]

    Hello everyone, today I like to share some of my favorite korean love songs Let's enjoy valentine's day together :pandalove: VIXX - My Valentine WJSN - La La Love SHINee - Love's Way Bol4 - Tell Me You Love Me iKON - Today GFRIEND - Ave Maria Jay Park - Welcome Dean (ft. Dok2) -...
  13. dreamcatcher

    MV Hwasa - TWIT

    what a queen. this song is sooooo good. today really is a good day
  14. dreamcatcher

    MV Dreamcatcher - PIRI

    THIS SONG IS AMAZING!!!! Maknae Gahyeon's era is here, everyone
  15. dreamcatcher


    KING IS FINALLY BACK AND WITH ANOTHER BOP. I am just so happy. My baby is back to slay us all with his awesome vocals and dance.
  16. dreamcatcher

    TV "I'M GAY" - Disney finally allowed Cyrus to say these words

    YEEEESSS. My Son finally said "I'm Gay" on Disney. It happend in the Febuary 8th Episode. This is so freaking historic.
  17. dreamcatcher


    yes, a new era for Marina and the Diamonds had now started. This song is just so beautiful.
  18. dreamcatcher

    Performance LOCO - Discography Live

    I just love this video. So much detail went into it. OOf I already am missing Loco
  19. dreamcatcher

    MV Loco (Feat. Zion.T) - It's been a while

    YAY. Finally some new songs.!! And damn i don't know how to manage my life now that Loco is starting his military service.
  20. dreamcatcher

    Appreciation [CUTE MESS] iKON and ikonics relationship

    ayyy ikonics and iKON are just so funny together. We defently love to roast each other. My oh my, videos like this do confirm that iKON and ikonics share one braincel.