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    Omggg it’s much better :pandalove: I can’t wait until Tuesday
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    Appreciation I aspire to be as talented as this woman

    lmao :zoomeyes: i really thought she has a twin...
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    MV Hwasa - TWIT

    omg this is sooo good exactly what I expected:pandalove:
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    News GOT7 subunit Jus2 to release mini album <FOCUS>

    I’m really excited to see who’s in the unit. And for the songs ofc. I bet on them too
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    Audio ITZY is finally on Spotify

    well, I must say Dalla dalla grew on me after 2-3 tries
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    Thanks for follow 💜 welcome to KS Sana stan?

    Thanks for follow 💜 welcome to KS Sana stan?
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    Discussion What did you get?

    Jungshook You got Jungkook, BTS's very own maknae and meme generator. While his hyungs aren't exactly lacking a sense of humor, the maknae just isn't afraid to dish out the memes whenever. JK is usually less sassy than other meme-y idols, but goes all out when it comes to weird humor, and he's...
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    Event ♥ Secret Valentine ♥ Part 3: Rose Competition ♥

    It was cruel to pick only 3 persons, but here are my choices @Jimin You are an amazing person, soft and strong in the same time. Very friendly, I’d like to have a similar timezone so we can talk even more, but well... we can handle it with my mornings/your nights, days off etc. I purple you! 💜...
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    Appreciation Red Velvet & Reveluvs celebrate Seulgi's birthday

    Happy birthday, talented girl :pandalove:
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    Event ♥ Secret Valentine ♥ Part 3: Rose Competition ♥

    Oh my gosh, you just made my morning better :pandalove: You are an absolute cutie and I’m glad I got the chance to meet you. Armys like you make me proud of this fandom:llama_squish: i purple you <3 PS: I’ll comeback with my roses since I am on my way to work right now xD
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    Group BTS Official Thread

    We all waited for these questions :pepelook: btw did you see? BTS foreheads all the way at Grammys
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    Cover Her voice is amazing

    She got hate for her voice, but really... this cover sounds amazing. Her voice is so soft and nice💜 PS: Happy birthday, sweet Rose
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    Debut Thoughts about Dalla Dalla

    What do you think about Dalla Dalla? Do be honest I expected it to be a bit... different. It's cute, that's not girlcrush xD
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    Appreciation I just adopted two little munchkins

    oh wow they are amazing dancers indeed :pandalove: