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  1. Cosmic

    Announcement New Feature - Conversations improvements

    I've noticed most of our users use conversations a lot for private messages or collaborative groups, our conversation system has been revamped to provide additional features such as labels, last read date & shows the amount of people in the conversation on the list, i have also increased the...
  2. Cosmic

    Discussion Legit Sites For KPOP Merchandise

    Hey guys & gals, i would like to make this the official thread for a list of legit kpop online shops & where users can share their experience buying their kpop merchandise. As a start, i would place kpoptown on the list as i have used it to buy @baekk his album for the giveaway back in December...
  3. Cosmic

    Announcement Introducing New Feature - Similar Threads

    Now you can find out whether there is already a similar thread made or if you want to find out something similar to the thread that you've just viewed. I hope this will be a useful feature for users of our forum. Examples Below.
  4. Cosmic

    Announcement Introducing our new senior moderator

    Not new at all but she has been with us for months working tirelessly for the community, its time she left the ranks of moderators. Congratulations @Discipline , i hope she can be of more help in serving the community during EU hours together with @bulletproof . Notice that i mentioned...
  5. Cosmic

    Announcement New features Available

    1) Push notifications have been enabled for devices that supports it, for more information on what notifications you will receive, please visit this link Users will only be able to enable push notifications if they are using a compatible device...
  6. Cosmic

    Announcement Thank you feedspot for featuring us in their list & Upcoming Maintenance.

    I have great news for everyone, our website is being featured on #24 feedspot's top 75 blogs, website list - Check them out if you have time, feedspot is a very high traffic site & we hope to have a very long lasting relationship with them. We will also...
  7. Cosmic

    Announcement Phasing out ability to use GIF images completed.

    Hello everyone, we have phased out the ability to use any animated images on our website, this is for our long term goal of making the site as fast as possible for your optimal browsing experience, we have made all possible means of optimizing the site for you the end users. We will also be...
  8. Cosmic

    Announcement Farewell to our admin @blackpink

    Due to a conflict of interest about moderating styles between myself & @BLACKPINK, i have decided to accept his offer of resignation, since the discord server is his, we have decided to leave it in his hands as he has placed lots of work into it, we will be creating our own discord server...
  9. Cosmic

    Announcement Hello Everyone, Cosmic Here.

    As some of you might have noticed, we have trimmed down on quite a number of features, most of our frontend are running on optimised code now to speed up the browsing speed of our users, we have also fixed the medals page which you can load instantly now. I am sorry for any inconvenienced caused...
  10. Cosmic

    Announcement Forum Rollback

    Due to me not being careful while reverting changes, i nuked our entire attachments directory which was not intentional, our daily backup system has only this time-frame for me to restore the forum back to full functionality, i am very sorry if any of your post was lost in the process.
  11. Cosmic

    Results 💕 Badge Thread || Cosmic Girls (WJSN) || The Cutest Girl Group On The Planet 💕 ( Results)

    Please read before you make badges: HOW TO MAKE BADGES RULES Badge size should be 77x77 No blurry or grainy photos; please use high quality and easy to see photos. Only official photos are allowed. Selcas are accepted if they are from an official account. Side profiles or covered faces are...
  12. Cosmic

    Announcement Hello Everyone

    As some of you might have noticed we have placed our website behind a security buffer stackpath, errors are to be expected so i am requesting all of you to inform me when you get errors, you can pm or email me with the following template. 1)Screenshot of what happened 2) Your IP address ( Use...
  13. Cosmic

    Discussion Blackpink World Tour

    It seems YG has already made Blackpink their foremost money making group with this move, what do you guys think?
  14. Cosmic

    Announcement Change in our caching software

    We have switched from our old cache software to a different software which is much more modern, you should be able to notice a a huge performance difference when liking a post or loading a page, our web server specialist has completed the switch for us & i hope it will give you a better user...
  15. Cosmic

    Happy Birthday, kddicted

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday, @kddicted.
  16. Cosmic

    Announcement Notice To All Users

    For the next few hours, the site might be loading weird for you, but we are in the process of moving our website protection (server location & data is the same) to another anti-ddos provider, if you have loading issues, just wait for a while until your ISP picks up our dns change. Might vary...
  17. Cosmic

    Announcement New Feature - Check your posts in the thread

    Many times, i keep forgetting what i have posted in thread or wondered if i have ever posted anything in a thread, now there is a minor new feature for everyone to find out. Now there is small avatar with a list of what you have posted in the thread. I hope this will help.
  18. Cosmic

    Announcement Album Giveaway winner

    Congratulations to @Minyoongimin for winning the giveaway, you will have till end of the month to pm me to claim the prize, prize will be given out only after the 15th.
  19. Cosmic

    Happy Birthday, chvnle

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday, @chvnle.
  20. Cosmic

    Reality Run BTS! 2019

    Anyone excited for this?