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  1. Kimino

    Opinions Is it alright I don’t know..

    The translation of the songs I listen to? People say to me “How do you understand it?!” And give me weird looks Well yeah I don’t understand Korean. Is it ok?
  2. Kimino

    Thoughts Is it ok to..

    Not like every song by a favourite artist?
  3. Kimino

    Appreciation What do you like most? (Kakao, Line friends or BT21)

    Meant to be a poll... but not sure how to make one
  4. Kimino

    Discussion Music suggestion for Highway To Heaven

    I love this tune, it’s an absolute banger... is there something so upbeat and fun like this song? I really like the “woo!” In the middle of it. I can’t get enough of this song! I’m new to boy groups and want tunes like this! I haven’t liked any other songs by nct 127
  5. Kimino

    Discussion Dream (former gg)

    I used to love the band Dream but they split. Does anyone miss them? I am unsure why they split, they used to have more members but I preferred the latest line up of 4 girls. Ami went solo you an listen to her as “Dream Ami” on Spotify Erie left the group and retired (she always seemed...
  6. Kimino

    Discussion Your Hawaiian name

    Found this https://www.mauidivers.com/pages/find-your-hawaiian-name What is your name? If you want to share? My name I don’t want to share but it sounds similar to my name
  7. Kimino

    Discussion Last.fm matching

    Last.fm/user/christislord92 How high do you match with me and others here?
  8. Kimino

    Discussion Crane Game Toreba. Has anyone won? (iOS)

    I tried the free spins and won nothing. I am hesitant to use real money as it seems more expensive to try and win then buy actual items. Has anyone won off them?
  9. Kimino

    Intro Newish fan from NZ wanting suggestions!

    Hello. I’m a fairly newish kpop fan from New Zealand! I got into kpop a few years ago and listened to solely SNSD. I still love them! A few years later I discovered Mr.Chu and Me Gustas Tu by Apink and Gfriend. I was obsessed. I also got into Girls Day’s nonono. I solely listened to them. I...