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  1. Kimino


  2. Kimino

    Game First thing that comes to mind

  3. Kimino

    Opinions Is it alright I don’t know..

    The translation of the songs I listen to? People say to me “How do you understand it?!” And give me weird looks Well yeah I don’t understand Korean. Is it ok?
  4. Kimino

    Thoughts Is it ok to..

    Not like every song by a favourite artist?
  5. Kimino

    Discussion Any updates about super group???

    I am looking forward to hearing superm :)
  6. Kimino

    Game A-Z Fictional Character Names

    Indiana Jones
  7. Kimino

    Game Post an MV with one of the same words in the title as the one above

    Hope it counts as you’re is you. Couldn’t find another song
  8. Kimino

    Official The Official last.fm Data Sharing Thread

    Patsy Cline... ♥️♥️ You have great taste
  9. Kimino

    Discussion Which cartoon character...

    I avoided this episode like a plague. Was creepy as f*** Show: Pingu. Though it was not a “cartoon” per say...more like claymation? Unsure what it is.
  10. Kimino

    Debut New Girlgroup | ANS - 'Angel N Soul' | September Debut

    Not my favourite. It’s ok.... just not upbeat enough for me :umjicry:
  11. Kimino

    Appreciation TWICE Songs Make Me Happy

    They are an amazing group! They are my top on last.fm
  12. Kimino

    Group ✯ ASTRO ✯ // 아스트로 \\ Official Thread | UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    I have gotten into them today! Liking quite a lot of songs Has anyone done this? https://www.buzzfeed.com/ansel1611/which-member-of-astro-is-your-soulmate-du9nuusp6q I got jin If anyone can recommend similar groups that aren’t bts? Liking wayv too
  13. Kimino

    Discussion What was your first K-Pop video you ever saw?

    In full... mr chu or me Gustas tu
  14. Kimino

    Discussion Which WayV member are you?

  15. Kimino

    Official The Official last.fm Data Sharing Thread

    Www.last.fm/user/christislord92. Sorry I don’t know how to make those click links
  16. Kimino

    Discussion Overview of August Comebacks, Debuts, ..

    Fair enough! Just wanted to discover new artists as I’m unsure which are female groups or not.
  17. Kimino

    Official The Official last.fm Data Sharing Thread

    Oh please add me! I’m christislord92
  18. Kimino

    Game A-Z Fictional Character Names

    Gru... Haven’t even watched the movie lol
  19. Kimino

    Game Have you watched the movie/TV series above?

    No Up?
  20. Kimino

    Discussion Which K-Pop Group Should You Be In?