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  1. blueberries

    Appreciation Year of female soloist?

    Idk why, but this year has been all about female soloist for me, their comebacks have been most memorable and triumphed over groups. And with men dropping the ball and getting kicked out of industry and jailed.. maybe it's women's turn to show how to focus on music :sakUwu: What...
  2. blueberries

    Discussion Akatsuki no Yona - discussion thread :: Yona of the Dawn

    Discussion about everything of Akatsuki no Yona. Anime, manga, characters, plot, fancreations, ships- feel free to fill up the thread with content. However in terms of fanart and such, please credit it with link to be polite. Firstly to establish how we deal with spoilers in thread; where...
  3. blueberries

    Appreciation T.O.P looked amazing on his last service day

    Just casually modeling Source: [단독]빅뱅 탑 1500만원대 마지막 퇴근 복장…해외팬 브랜드 탐색전
  4. blueberries

    Discussion If T.O.P was having comeback right now, what kind of stuff would u like to see from him most

    Personally I can't wait to hear more music from T.O.P. He has least releases from BB members, but all his stuff is so good and also so him since he writes it all. I think I'd like music without promotions most, no need go on music shows really. Though I kinda miss him in varieties lot, not just...
  5. blueberries

    Discussion Recommend me some manga

    My plan-to-read is completely empty right now, i guess into flow of reading some and have none left, and i have road trip tomorrow :nekoshy: I'm alright with most genres, though I'm most into seinen, mystery and psychological. Though u can just recommend ur favs and i'll take a look anyways...
  6. blueberries

    Thoughts Summer season- what will i check out?

    Thought of doing even bit earlier thread than first impressions this time around since i got around and checked bunch of trailers and pvs as well as descriptions of summer seasons animes. I will likely be skipping all the isekais (there is 5? 6? in this season) just based on genre alone, i'm...
  7. blueberries

    News Fire Force pv (Funimation)

    Fire Force is new shonen series from creator of Soul Eater (which is quite obvious with some character designs and art style). The series will start airing 5th July. What it's about? Shortly, it seem to be about firefighters battling fire humans with fire. Pretty lit :pandatea:
  8. blueberries

    News Youtuber and streamer Etika found dead after week's disappearance (TW; suicide)

    Police has been looking Etika after he disappeared after uploading video that seemed suidical. Video was removed from youtube, but reuploads exists. Before this Etika was known from struggling with mental health issues and being admitted to mental health hospital for a short while. Police later...
  9. blueberries

    Discussion Grace interviews ex-Rania member Alex

    I think this is pretty good viewpoint from someone who isn't Asian, didnt' really speak korean, but liked kpop and suddenly got thrown into kpop group. Like that's dream of many western kpop fans, not everyone's and not surely mine, but it's quite interesting to hear how it was for her. Some...
  10. blueberries

    Discussion What got u into anime?

    Have you just always been into anime or was there particular event that got you into it? -- For me it just happened quite naturally and gradually, anime was sth that was always part of my childhood cause we didn't really get other cartoons on tv when i was kid. So without even knowing it I...
  11. blueberries

    Discussion Australian comedy show makes rude and racist? comments towards BTS

    Yup, again in the topic of "western" people disrespecting kpop and kpop artist and possibly being racist in the side, what's new. I'm usually bit on-fence about these cause to me kpop fans tend to be overprotective and i'm fan of dark comedy and sarcasm. But i gotta say that it did look more...
  12. blueberries

    Discussion Since it's summer- do you tan and/or burn easily?

    I don't really tan, but I don't burn easily either unless i'm sunbathing without sunblock. I did this one time as high schooler and was stupidies thing ever my back and back of my legs were all burn af and it was pretty painful.. But if i'm just spending time outside even during summer I don't...
  13. blueberries

    Appreciation Rumiko Takahashi- Queen of Shonen

    I wrote thread about ONE and how he became mangaka with two of the most popular and highly rated series right now despite not knowing how to draw some months back- and now I'm continuing this bit of introduction bit of historic bit of appreciation threads with next entry cause why not. Rumiko...
  14. blueberries

    Discussion Your favorite long-ass shonen

    Shonens, those long-ass series that everyone (most) watched when they got into anime. Let's see which long-ass shonen is KS's favorite :sakUwu:
  15. blueberries

    News Dr.Stone I Official Preview (Summer 2019 anime)

    Crunchyroll has released trailed for one of most awaited summer 2019 animes called Dr.Stone Synopsis: "Several thousand years after a mysterious phenomenon that turns all of humanity to stone, the extraordinarily intelligent, science-driven boy, Senku Ishigami, awakens. Facing a world of...
  16. blueberries

    News Aggretsuko Season 2 released today (14.06) on Netflix

    Netflix's season 2 trailer (apparently dubbed cause Netflix caters normies, but at least u get the original ver of actual anime on Netflix too): For those that don't know about Aggretsuko (or Aggressive Retsuko) it's rather new and popular comedy anime about office worker Retsuko who has...
  17. blueberries

    Discussion Is "Hime cut" the best hairstyle?

    Hime cut aka princess cut is the hairstyle with long hair and heavy bangs where the sides are shorter. I don't really see this haircut around Kpop, but in jpop field it seems like trademark for some of the artist (included in pics below) and you often see it even in anime. Bit of historic: the...
  18. blueberries

    News (Update) Han Seo Hee's lawyer opens up about YG threatening Seo Hee and "drug policy" in YG

    Source: KBS Reports Yang Hyun Suk Accused Of Threatening Informant Over Testimony About B.I (more in the source) "Bang Jung Hyun stated to KBS that Yang Hyun Suk had them both take out their phones and agree not to record the conversation. After that, he reportedly said, “It wouldn’t be...
  19. blueberries

    News The "drug dealer" in B.I's Katalks claimed to be Han Seo Hee

    Source: “A” From B.I’s Chat About Illegal Drug Purchase Reported To Be Han Seo Hee According to Edaily Han Seo Hee is the person A in B.I's Katalks. She was arrested August 2016 and police found Katalks with BI from her phone. When police questioned her she confessed that she had delivered LSD...
  20. blueberries

    Discussion What should i add to my kpop 2019 playlist?

    I was going to do thread for 4k post, but the morning was quite crazy... I guess kpop in general is getting bit crazy. Despite, there is still lot of songs releases and I think I missed most of them. What should I at least give a try? Both titles and Bsides welcomed. I have check Blackpink...