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  1. bulletproof

    Discussion Help a baby Insomnia

    I decided to stan Dreamcatcher :maheart: I keep listening to their songs, but oof I didn't learn members of a group for a while, it just happened I guess. But I wanna learn DC members. What should I watch to learn the members and some insides about them? Show me some videos please. :rjbow:
  2. bulletproof

    Discussion KFC China plagiarized BLACKPINK 4D

    A Chinese KFC advertisement copy BLACKPINK‘s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ MV. A Chinese netizen said: “This is no longer a doubt,”. He said, “All are the same in style and scene, it’s plagiarism.” 1. [+706, -13] They copy a music video has almost 900M views ㅋㅋ 2. [+246, -13] The Chinese have long been...
  3. bulletproof

    Discussion Do you have kpop fans friends irl?

    Do you have kpop fans friends irl? They are kpop fans because of you? Do you stan the same groups?
  4. bulletproof

    Discussion Social Intelligence Test

    My friend shared this with me and I thought it was interesting to share it here as well. http://socialintelligence.labinthewild.org/mite/?fbclid=IwAR1jsYtlHbmfrqdNFkYAHyk2_ii3Yy5b1JFco-5YjL9Vm7uK83ou1sz3Cgo Tell me your scores:pepesmug:
  5. bulletproof

    Announcement Staff colors change

    Hello As you've probably seen already on forum, some staff teams changed their banner colors. We didn't make major changes, but here are the new colors you'll see on forum: Basically, only PRESS had a major change, from dark red to a indigo shade. The other teams have the same colors, only...
  6. bulletproof

    Appreciation #jisooisgood

    She is so pretty :sanapray:
  7. bulletproof

    Discussion Send some summer please

    Please send me some summer :umjicry: I got 13-14C for 3 days in a row:nekosweat: a leather jacket is not summerish:pepecry1:
  8. bulletproof

    Discussion I want a tree

    I found out there is a Fruit salad tree with 7 different types of fruits in the same tree:nakypog: I want one like this for when I'm lazy :sakUwu: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/fruits/fegen/what-is-a-fruit-salad-tree.htm
  9. bulletproof

    Discussion Are there memes about your job?

    Are there memes about your job? Do you relate to them?
  10. bulletproof

    Discussion Steve Aoki played BTS The Truth Untold at Neversea Festival

    Ok so here's this Neversea festival in my country on the seaside. They had interesting names this year, like G-Eazy and Jessie J, too bad I couldn't go. I expected Steve to play Mic drop or Waste it on me, but The truth untold makes me soft :maheart: Someone said he played Play it cool (feat...
  11. bulletproof

    Discussion Can someone explain?

    Can someone explain why is greek yogurt called 'greek' if it's not actually greek? :wimwim: Random and I'm lazy to Google
  12. bulletproof

    Discussion Are you a club person?

    Are you a club person? Do you like going to clubs or prefer a pub when going out?
  13. bulletproof

    Performance What's your favorite stage mix?

    What's your favorite stage mix? Nothing new that mine is Fake love :pandarolleyes:
  14. bulletproof

    Discussion Do you usually use a mouse or touchpad?

    Do you usually use a mouse or touchpad? :sanapray: Prepare for lots of bulletproof threads, I am behind with my threads number :umjicry:
  15. bulletproof

    Discussion Using fan accounts in public

    I found this on Twitter and it is so relatable lol
  16. bulletproof

    Appreciation @visual trash stans

    Look what Awards team made for us :sanapray:
  17. bulletproof

    Audio This is seriously so pretty

    :maheart: :maheart: this was the last song in the Speak Yourself concerts and omg this songs makes me so soft everytime. The concert vibes in this are :sanapray: @Jimin @Soleski @Foxia @Pigeon @kuroyuri @Wingfrost @Kaikat @lexus @Jungkook @jungshook @Darkyoda47 @Tpse @Darjeeling @GoldenBunny...
  18. bulletproof

    Discussion Do you usually use KS on mobile or PC?

    Do you usually use KS on mobile or PC? Which one do you prefer? @goyo @Ozymandias @Ireneisbaee @Jimin @Vikki @lexus @Reo @BLACKPINK @RainbowDevil @Mangoey @Tir @ReadMyFanfic2 @Marianthi @MonCherry @kuroyuri @mirella @Foxia @KidLeader112 @Soleski