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  1. Miyeon

    Announcement Maintenance-notice

    There will be a short maintenance for around 30 minutes, this is to update our underlying software to better serve our community for the future.
  2. Miyeon

    Announcement [COMPLETED] Short Maintenance soon.

    There will be a short maintenance soon, i was informed by our security auditor that there is a code vulnerability in one of the software we use, to fix this we have to take down our webserver momentarily to recompile it with a more secure version, just expect site to go into maintenance mode...
  3. Miyeon

    Discussion KTL VS FANCY

    Which one do you prefer out of both? I feel like both are equal but i am interested what in what you guys think.
  4. Miyeon

    Discussion Is discord down for yall?

    It is down for me on the main website and app.
  5. Miyeon

    Announcement [Updated] About the recent 10 minute downtime.

    Our dedicated server provider's datacenter went dark for a moment, everything is back online and they are investigating the root cause of the issue. I will update this thread with the reason once i receive more information from them.
  6. Miyeon

    Appreciation Official Aegyo Gif Thread

    First of all, lets lay down some ground rules, so we don't break forum rules. Back to back posting is not allowed, and at least 2 different users have to post before you post again. Lets start.
  7. Miyeon

    Discussion Sunrise Vs You and I Vs Hann

    My three favorite songs from each groups, help me decide which ones are the best. Tagging peeps online (Sorry @StarWarsBitch for stealing your taglist) @TwentyOneJongdae @Mayah @taemkitten @MsJimin @Chahee @Skinnny @lexus @Miyeon @Hallybell
  8. Miyeon

    Discussion Whats next for Blackpink?

    With all the recent trouble to their company, what do you think the future has in store for blackpink, would their agency focus on them more now than before? I have a feeling after all these issues, the company would focus their attention more to girl groups. Share your thoughts.
  9. Miyeon

    Announcement New feature - Thread Covers

    Hello everyone, i would like to introduce you guys to a new feature, well not really new but its now available, if you are already familiar with our profile covers, you can now do the same for all your threads, just do it the same way you do for your profile covers. If you have any questions...
  10. Miyeon

    Rumor Changing my username & display picture?

    Give me some suggestions, dont ask me why.
  11. Miyeon

    Interview The Strongest Female J-pop Idol

    This is a very interesting interview, found it while browsing youtube.
  12. Miyeon

    Discussion Ideas for our first year anniversary.

    We have around 2 months more to our first year anniversary of the forum, events team is currently brainstorming for an event for our 1st year on august 25th, if yall have any suggestions, please do share in this thread, . PS - it would be great if we can reach our first 1000 users by our first...
  13. Miyeon

    Announcement [Fixed] Connection issues

    We are aware of timeout errors a small percentage of users are experiencing and are looking into the issue. We will update this thread once it is fixed.
  14. Miyeon

    Discussion Sorry for the 500 class error

    I was adding something, didn't realize server was down until dii pinged me on discord. :jisoosmh:
  15. Miyeon

    Announcement Web Application Firewall Tuning

    If you are getting security error has occurred pop up, please reply to this thread with details on what you were doing and i will white-list the rules, only for issues occurring after i post this announcement. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  16. Miyeon

    GFX Photoshop Alternative

  17. Miyeon

    Discussion Why do you like to appear offline?

    Just curious. Seeing so many hiding their online status, share your reasons here :umjicry:
  18. Miyeon

    Announcement Maintenance Notice

    There will be a short maintenance later to final sync our database to the latest copy so everyone will not lose any of your threads and data, i will be placing the maintenance page on when it happens, it will last for around 15 mins.
  19. Miyeon

    Discussion I am curious, how many of you are from Onehallyu?

    I am just wondering how many of you are from there, please do not bash OH here as it is against our rules. How do you like your time here so far?
  20. Miyeon

    Information KSDIARY #1 - A short recap since our move & future plans.

    Its been a fun and stressful few months since our move to our dedicated server, thank you to everyone who supported us financially and spreading the word around, its great seeing the forum so active even though our users numbers are low, it means we are doing something right. List of things...