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  1. Discipline

    Intro The last hi

    Hiya everyone, I don't know, some of you might be aware, I am or was a senior moderator on here, I've been watching this forum grow and develop for around 5-6 months and I'm happy that I was apart of the development that it under took during those times, I'm also happy about the struggles that...
  2. Discipline

    Discussion Save one drop one [Boys]

    1. Jungkook [BTS] 2. RM [BTS] 3. Hoshi [SVT] 4. vernon [SVT] 5. T.O.P [Big Bang] 6. Suho [EXO] 7. Jay [IKON] 8. Jun [SVT] 9. Jeno [NCT D] 10. Mark [NCT] 11. Haechan [NCT] 12. Mark [GOT7] 13 Heechul [SuperJ] 14. Jun [A.C.E] 15. Moonbin [ASTRO] 16. Jisung [NCT] 17. Woojin 18. Yeonjun 19. I.N...
  3. Discipline

    Teaser THE BOYZ 'Bloom Bloom' M/V Teaser #2

    I'm excited for this comeback, i wonder if it will have their sound in it or not? it kinda sounds like they do already
  4. Discipline

    News Kill this Love is Banned on KBS

    This honestly isnt even the worst song ban that i've seen lol
  5. Discipline

    Discussion Girls,what if you were extremely pretty? (Or guys,in case it fits)

    Probably? Beautiful people don't look the same, so i would probably still fawn over those visuals because I wouldn't have that beauty
  6. Discipline

    I have to say this out loud, and I'm sorry if people will get mad at me for it.

    you voiced my opinion on this issue perfectly, Panda. The core issue of the, 'culture appropriation' argument is that it's ignorance, mockery and belongs to one culture. It is understandable that people of the said culture are protective due to the ridiculing that they receive however to shield...
  7. Discipline

    how many forums are you on?

    I've probably got around 7-11 accounts on all sorts of different forums but i only actually use 2 of those forums
  8. Discipline

    Jimimis, let's leave makestar alone and let them do their work, yeah? :sanapray:

    Jimimis, let's leave makestar alone and let them do their work, yeah? :sanapray:
  9. Discipline

    Unmute me in chatroom or pay the price!

    If you feel like the mute was unjustified, then you can appeal by PM-ing one of the staff, (Preferably @Nayeon as she issued the mute). However, empty threats won't do anything. If you don't plan on appealing or discussing this in a civil manner, I'm afraid that you will have to wait for your...
  10. Discipline

    Users you want to notice you?

    im not even a man! :nosejoo:
  11. Discipline

    Discussion Should Blackpink Just...

    :nosejoo: i dont even know if you made that up or not
  12. Discipline

    Discussion What is your goal and mission on KPS?

    Honestly, just to upkeep my duties, and help users as much as I can! :llama_squish:
  13. Discipline

    Discussion Should Blackpink Just...

    she what
  14. Discipline

    Users you want to notice you?

    this senpai thing neeeds to gooooo :nosejoo:
  15. Discipline

    Announcement Display picture changed to square frame.

    :welp: I can't really offer a prize, you can be in my title if you'd like lmao
  16. Discipline

    Announcement Display picture changed to square frame.

    If it's possible, I think the best option is to have it as a personal setting what the DPS look like for the user, much like the dark/light theme. That way, users can customise according to their taste and leave everyone happy. But that's just a suggestion, and if it's not possible, then im...
  17. Discipline

    What's the hardest part of your morning routine?

    getting myself to working on one of my projects or school work, I need to do it and my ideal time is in the morning as I tend to be too exhausted in the evening, :hmm:
  18. Discipline

    Discussion Would you want to be a millionaire?

    Hell yeah :sanapray:
  19. Discipline

    When you gotta make it clear

    Oh god, I can just imagine the amount of times that the sales people had to tell people that the shirt itself isn't free before they got that sign aha
  20. Discipline

    Intro Hello everyone!!! im ya boi!!!!

    Hiya! Welcome to KS, I hope that you enjoy your stay, and who are your biases in Twice and LOONA?