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  1. maruif

    Discussion I suddenly now ship Chenle with Jaemin...

    This is like actually way too cute!
  2. maruif

    Appreciation Kuroyuri is uncancelled

    @kuroyuri might be a snake, but I actually REALLY like snakes! They are cute and shy and just overall adorable!
  3. maruif

    Discussion @Kuroyuri and @jimimis are CANCELLED!

    They are DEAD to me! The disrespect in this house is so real that I just CAN'T! I'm not gonna expose them for the unitellectual hoes they are, but damn I have lost any faith I ever had in this family! I officially disown @Jimimis and @kuroyuri as my daughter and daughter in law until they show...
  4. maruif

    Discussion Does anybody on this site know butterflies?

    Can anybody tell me what kind of a butterfly this is? EDIT: After some research, this might actually be a moth? EDIT 2: I found out what it is! it is the Purple Tiger or Rhyparia purpurata
  5. maruif

    Appreciation Suhwan is the cutest bean to ever live and Woozi's son!

    I WILL TOLERATE NO ARGUMENTS! He is so adorable and perfect and just amazing! Look at how Suhwan jumps onto Yuvin's back, it is so adorable! I love it! I LOVE IT! Not to mention that is just SCREAMING Woozi and Mingyu vibes!
  6. maruif

    Appreciation Reason 95506783 for why I love Kai!

    His intellectual usage of technology! Ain't nobody doing it like him! He listens to music on his macbook! Like it is supposed to be done! Legends only! Then that king goes and calls youtube! Again, legendary behaviour, forever my icon!
  7. maruif

    Discussion Idols who NEED to be on the same show/ interact on camera

    Idols who you really want to see interact! Here is my top one... Felix from Stray kids and Mark from NCT! Can you imagine the crackheaded giggling! Can you imagine the intercations! I honestly wouldn't be surprised if my the end of the day the swap tumblr accounts!
  8. maruif

    Discussion Tell me why your bias is better than mine!

    LIke the title says! How is your bias better than mine! I promise I won't take things personally as long as you aren't being too serious! This supposed to be fun! My biases are btw: Woozi Kai
  9. maruif

    Discussion Why don't a lot of ARMYs accept multis?

    I find this very baffling, since I haven't noticed people of any other fandom saying things like that! I think the main argument is that BTS should always be the most importnant in your mind for you to be considered an ARMY, which would mean you can't stan other groups, since they wouldn't be...
  10. maruif

    Discussion Hey all NCTzens? Don't know where and how to find WayV content?

    Then come on visit the WayV idol thread, because it is all posted there! I do my best to keep it alive, but I would love more peeps visiting it! https://www.kpopsource.com/threads/wayv-official-thread.3903/
  11. maruif

    Discussion Risky choices you wouldn't mind your biasgroup taking

    What are some risky choices you wouldn't mind you biasgroup taking! Here are mine for EXO... 1. Releasing another song like Mama. Mama kicks ass, I want more of that style! I think they would kill it! 2. Letting Kai do that scream-rap thing again! 3. Have kyungsoo be a rapper and last, but...
  12. maruif

    Appreciation Matt Lucas is an intellectual!

    Or well... Is starting to become one!
  13. maruif

    Discussion I am unstanning Lay... He dabbed in 2019!

    This is unacceptable!
  14. maruif

    Discussion Comment your bias and I will try to anger you!

    Exactly as the title says! You comment your bias and I will reply something in an attempt to make you angry! DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT ACTUALLY AGREE WITH ALL OF THE THINGS I AM ABOUT TO SAY!
  15. maruif

    Appreciation IZ*ONe Chaeyeon is stunning

    Chaeyeon is amazing. her dancing and her vocals are impeccable! He laugh is one of the happiest sounds I have ever heard! And to top it all off, she is STUNNING!
  16. maruif

    Discussion Who in your biasgroup are vanilla and who aren't? [18+.... Duh....]

    So who in your biasgroup are vanilla and who are kinky? I'll start off with EXO! This is all my speculation! Xiumin - As vanilla as it goes! he experiments sometimes, but most of the time he likes it simple! Suho - Mostly vanilla, but will step into the shoes of a dom if his partner asks him...
  17. maruif

    Discussion Who can('t) fight in your biasgroup?

    So here is my rundown for EXO! Suho - Can fight, but doesn't really want to Chen - can't fight, but gives it his best! Xiumin - Can fight and will fight if pushed! Sehun - Acts like he can fight, but starts crying the moment he scrapes his knee Yixing - Refuses to fight Kai - Can't fight and...
  18. maruif

    Appreciation Petition to ban makeup

    Makeup is guilty of the huge crime of covering up Felix's freckles! LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE!
  19. maruif

    Discussion My favorite part about vlives

    Is when a member says something mildly controversial or that they shouldn't have said and how everybody just starts glancing at the manager! I don't know why this is so funny for me, but I love it so much!
  20. maruif

    Appreciation Seventeen really are self-producing idols!

    Their most recent Going Seventeen really showed how much they take part in what they do and release and how their discussions flow! They were making start and ending songs for that series and how they all worked together as a team is just amazing to watch! Not to mention the ease they all talk...