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    MV Rainbow - Aurora

    Lovely song
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    Game Rhyme with the word above you

    Lodge Pink
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    Game Kpop Artist Alphabet

    Eric nam
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    Game This or that

    Hugs Corgi or pug
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    Discussion have you gotten/are you getting an advent calendar this year?

    Think they are overpriced and wasteful. I wouldn’t mind one as a gift with something unique in it. You can get so many types now.. used to be just you get toys and even figurines and like soap
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    Discussion [Long Post]Ladies Code Opens Up About The Accident For The First Time

    That was such a tradegy. I wasn’t into kpop at that time but heard about it. I still think about it
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    MV NATURE - 'OOPSIE (My Bad)' MV

    Not my type of music
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    Debut ARIAZ - Moonlight Aria

    I really like them!
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    Game A-Z scientific names

    ^ meant to be starting with e :) Elephas maximus (Elephant)
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    Discovered this song. I find it very weak do you like it?
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    Game Word Chain (Minimum of 7 letters)

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    Game The Association Game