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WayV comeback rumored to be in October

Reading Time: < 1 minute Rumors have been circling around the internet that NCT’s Chinese sub-unit ‘WayV’ might be getting a full album this October. With the recent announcement of a live-stream fans have even more reason to believe the rumors. The stream will be held on the Chinese streaming service Yizhibo tomorrow, the 20th of September, where they will…

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Winwin of NCT/WayV not allowed to dance and sing on his own

Reading Time: < 1 minute During the new episode of the Chinese show 我们的师父 (My Brilliant Masters), which Winwin was a guest on, he told the audience that he wasn’t able to dance and sing due to mouth ulcers, which is a strange excuse to use for this case. However, the real reason why Winwin isn’t allowed to sing or…