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SF9, Astro, The Boyz and CIX come together to cover EXO’s Love Shot

Reading Time: < 1 minute SF9, Astro, The Boyz and CIX showed up for the ‘IDOL COVER DANCE CHALLENGE’ with some of their best dancers as they all coordinated to make an awesome performance together. Astro’s Jin Jin, Sanha and Rocky were clad in sexy red showing off their innate sexiness throughout. SF9’s Chani, Taeyang and Youngbin, unlike the others,…

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SF9 drop a surprise teaser for their new mini album!

Reading Time: < 1 minute SF9’s official Twitter account releases a tweet today with a mysterious image (of Taeyang?) attached and the release date of their 7th mini-album on the 17th of June! The new mini titled RPM seems to be referencing “Revolutions per minute” – a unit of rotational speed. This is most likely connected to the RPM of…

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SF9’s ‘Burning Sensation’ Album Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes This will be one of our first Album Reviews on the KS Blog and we hope you enjoy it. We will continue to do similar types of reviews as we move forward. SF9’s Burning Sensation is a criminally underrated album so we wanted to give it some love by showing some of our thoughts on…