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BoA releases new single “Feedback” featuring Nucksal

Reading Time: < 1 minute After approximately eight months, BoA finally makes a return with “Feedback” on June 4. The track is a collaboration with rapper Nucksal. “Feedback” is the perfect song to bring us into summer! While the MV took a bit longer to be uploaded than the release date promised, please check out the song and watch the…Continue readingBoA releases new single “Feedback” featuring Nucksal

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BoA Coming Soon Teaser

Reading Time: < 1 minute The queen is back! BoA has just released the teaser for an upcoming comeback. No dates have been confirmed as of yet, but SM recently put out a crossword event where the winner will receive a signed polaroid. The event will end on May 31. More details are here.Continue readingBoA Coming Soon Teaser

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Winwin of NCT/WayV not allowed to dance and sing on his own

Reading Time: < 1 minute During the new episode of the Chinese show 我们的师父 (My Brilliant Masters), which Winwin was a guest on, he told the audience that he wasn’t able to dance and sing due to mouth ulcers, which is a strange excuse to use for this case. However, the real reason why Winwin isn’t allowed to sing or…Continue readingWinwin of NCT/WayV not allowed to dance and sing on his own