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OnlyOneOf ‘Dot Point Jump’ Album Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes A dark horse remains in the shadows until they find the perfect moment to burst onto the scene and showcase what they have — and OnlyOneOf seems to be the dark horse of the new generation’s rookies. They have proven to be quite a capable group, as well as distinct from the rest of their…Continue readingOnlyOneOf ‘Dot Point Jump’ Album Review

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OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Out-of-box-thinking K-pop Idol reality TV show” will dominate your Tuesday night. The first episode of the reality tv show of “high-end rookie idol” OnlyOneOf, produced by M2, was released on October 1st.  CJ E&M Music’s Digital studio M2 released the first episode of ‘OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love’ through their Mnet channel on October 1st, Tuesday, 8PM…Continue readingOnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love