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WJSN 'WJ Please?' Album Review 2 0

WJSN ‘WJ Please?’ Album Review

WJSN, or Cosmic Girls, is a 13-member girl group whose music is well-defined by their name—a style heavily inspired by cosmic sounds. Twinkling, space-esque, and wonderfully mystical, WJSN’s music style has been consistently maintained throughout their career, and it is...

EXID reveals May 15 comeback "Me&You" + tracklist for 'We' 3 0

EXID reveals May 15 comeback “Me&You” + tracklist for ‘We’

EXID has announced their highly anticipated comeback for May 15! “Me&You” is the title track for mini-album We, which contains seven songs total. The tracklist has been released below: Tracklist: 01. Me&You02. We Are03. 아끼지마 (Don’t Spare Me)04. 어떻게지내 (How...