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OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love 1

OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love

“Out-of-box-thinking K-pop Idol reality TV show” will dominate your Tuesday night. The first episode of the reality tv show of “high-end rookie idol” OnlyOneOf, produced by M2, was released on October 1st.  CJ E&M Music’s Digital studio M2 released the...

OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love 2

Top 5 Rookie Groups to look out for

Sometimes, rookie groups are said to be less skilled or talented compared to established groups, often hearing criticism or discouraging words that would make a normal person give up on their passion. K-Pop Idols, however, must show that it does...

OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love 4

TRCNG celebrate their second birthday

TS Entertainment’s second boy group celebrates their second anniversary today. Bursting onto the scene in 2017 with their song “Spectrum”, they impressed many with their cool dance and boyish visuals, while also taking on a more serious theme. Since then,...

OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love 5

A.C.E prepare for October 29 comeback

A.C.E (Adventure Calling Emotion) has announced their comeback for October 29. It has been nearly 5 months since their last comeback “Under Cover,” which gained them more traction than ever. Under Cover ranked ninth on Billboard’s World Albums Chart and...

OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love 6

AB6IX tease fans for upcoming comeback on October 7

AB6IX are preparing for their first album 6IXENSE, which features the title track “Blind for Love.” AB6IX has been teasing fans of the album’s release by steadily putting out teasers and spoilers. The rookie boy group’s first album includes 11...

OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love 10

Limesoda makes eye-catching comeback with “Wave”

The underrated girl group Limesoda has made their new comeback with “Wave.” “Wave” is EDM-based track that expresses the feelings of love, as love starts off as small vibrations and transforms into big emotions. It conveys the message of love...

OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love 11

VAV are preparing for something new

VAV have been quite busy in the past few months. After their comeback in July with “Give Me More” and its subsequent Spanish version, they attended MUCON in Seoul and announced a European tour in December. Now they seem to...

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