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A.C.E's 'Under Cover' Album Review 1

A.C.E’s ‘Under Cover’ Album Review

Even as a boy group that doesn’t have a big discography yet A.C.E has always impressed their fans and newcomers with their different music styles and variety of genres. With this newest album “Under Cover” they are continuing to go...

Oh My Girl's 'The Fifth Season' Album Review 3

Oh My Girl’s ‘The Fifth Season’ Album Review

Oh My Girl are famed for their signature fairytale sound and aesthetic, which is supported by their extravagant shimmering instrumentals and saccharine, airy, lucid vocals which almost seems as if a real group of fairies descended upon this planet. In...

NCT 127's 'We Are Superhuman' Album Review 4

NCT 127’s ‘We Are Superhuman’ Album Review

NCT 127 is the second sub-unit and Seoul-based unit of the South Korean boy group NCT. The unit debuted on July 7, 2016 . Their name is a combination of the acronym for Neo Culture Technology which is their meaning for their unlimited members,...

Everglow's 'Arrival of Everglow' Album Review 5

Everglow’s ‘Arrival of Everglow’ Album Review

Everglow are a new girl group from Yuehua Entertainment that feature girls who have already participated in survival shows. Since Yuehua and Starship Entertainment have a partnership to co-manage several of WJSN’s Chinese members, this technically makes Everglow a step-sister...

LOONA's 'X X' Album Review 6

LOONA’s ‘X X’ Album Review

LOONA are well-known for dabbling in different genres and bringing in foreign sounds that have never been heard in K-pop before. They provide a cosmic sound but different from other GGs with such concepts (like WJSN); their sound is more...

WJSN 'WJ Please?' Album Review 7

WJSN ‘WJ Please?’ Album Review

WJSN, or Cosmic Girls, is a 13-member girl group whose music is well-defined by their name—a style heavily inspired by cosmic sounds. Twinkling, space-esque, and wonderfully mystical, WJSN’s music style has been consistently maintained throughout their career, and it is...

SF9's 'Burning Sensation' Album Review 8

SF9’s ‘Burning Sensation’ Album Review

This will be one of our first Album Reviews on the KS Blog and we hope you enjoy it. We will continue to do similar types of reviews as we move forward. SF9’s Burning Sensation is a criminally underrated album...

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