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YG cancels tickets sold in error for Winner’s Cross tour in Seoul, K-ICs furious!

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Another mishap by YG Entertainment has been brought into the spotlight, this time affecting Korean Winner, fans a.k.a. K-Inner Circles.

YG cancels tickets sold in error for Winner's Cross tour in Seoul, K-ICs furious! 2

Winner will be holding a concert in KSPO Dome on October 26th & 27th, and fanclub pre-sales for the tickets opened recently. It seems some tickets were made available in error. KICs who purchased these seats then had their orders cancelled without warning, leaving them without tickets.

Many of the fans took to twitter to share their displeasure with how YG has handled the situation, or better yet, hasn’t handled the situation at all.

We hope the situation gets cleared up and the fans are compensated for this mishap. It is yet unknown if the error was the fault of the ticketing site or YG Entertainment themselves.

By Luke Potter

Luke is a smart semi-professional boxing athlete who enjoys binge-watching Korean Dramas.