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BOL4 are “Workaholics” in comeback MV

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The digital monsters BOL4 have made their highly anticipated return with “Workaholic,” the title track of their mini-album Two Five.

The track was co-produced and written by one-half of the duo, Jiyoung.

In the music video for “Workaholic,” Jiyoung is shown being overworked by her everyday job: her day is filled with the same events taking place. As the other half of BOL4, Jiyoon helps her escape from the dreadful workday. Jiyoung dreams about ending her boring work-life and commute to work but her dream is cut short due to her alarm clock signaling another day of exertion.

The music video highlights the message that it is okay to take a break and go on a vacation, encouraging people to take care of themselves if they cannot handle the workload.

Two Five includes 5 other tracks aside from “Workaholic.” Listen to the album below: