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Hwasa goes braless at the airport and why this is important

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On July 9, Mamamoo’s Hwasa appeared at an airport without wearing a bra. Instead, she only wore a white T-shirt and, as expected, this decision surprised many people. Both Korean netizens and those who were present there were shocked at such a prospect as it is almost never done by idols.

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Only a few days prior, many netizens criticised Hwasa for only wearing a bra to the airport, even though the top is considered a completely normal look.

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In a sense, going braless was most likely her answer to the people who raised criticisms previously. In response to this, many Korean women showed their support for Hwasa’s bold and expressive statement. However, this may not be the only reason for her choice!

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July 9 is also formerly No Bra Day, a day in which women are encouraged to go out without bras and raise awareness for breast cancer. This further emboldens women to be comfortable with wearing whatever they want. It is an empowering day in general, and as a celebrity figure with a great following, Hwasa’s choice is extremely influential.

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Even though we do not know the exact reasoning of her choice, we hope Hwasa continues on her road of wearing what she wants and remaining empowered and beautiful, thus helping other women to feel the same.

By Luke Potter

Luke is a smart semi-professional boxing athlete who enjoys binge-watching Korean Dramas.