Announcement Hello Everyone

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As some of you might have noticed we have placed our website behind a security buffer stackpath, errors are to be expected so i am requesting all of you to inform me when you get errors, you can pm or email me with the following template.

1)Screenshot of what happened
2) Your IP address ( Use this website What Is My IP Address? IP Address Tools and More)
3) What you were attempting to do when it happened...

Announcement Change in our caching software

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We have switched from our old cache software to a different software which is much more modern, you should be able to notice a a huge performance difference when liking a post or loading a page, our web server specialist has completed the switch for us & i hope it will give you a better user experience when browsing the forum. We have also been changing our web server configuration the past couple of days to try improve every bottleneck we can, we are aware of the gif upload issues but our...

Announcement Notice To All Users

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For the next few hours, the site might be loading weird for you, but we are in the process of moving our website protection (server location & data is the same) to another anti-ddos provider, if you have loading issues, just wait for a while until your ISP picks up our dns change. Might vary from a few mins to a couple of hours. I am sorry for any inconvenienced caused.

If you still cant access the website, please follow the following guides to reset your browser caches so your dns daemon...

Event KPopSource Music Awards 2019

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Greetings to all members and K-Pop enthusiasts!

With 2018 behind us, we here at KPopSource decided there would be no better way to commemorate what our idols and artists gave to us during the previous year than to host our very own Awards Ceremony (KPopSource Music Awards - The KSMA). Created by fans, for fans.

I heartily invite you to take part and submit your...

Announcement Watch KPopSource's very first Youtube video now!

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Our very first youtube video went live!
It was a joint effort from all the staff members and we hope you all enjoy it and share it with your friends!
KS's youtube staff put a lot into this and we hope it's enjoyable and fun!​

Announcement New Feature - Check your posts in the thread

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Many times, i keep forgetting what i have posted in thread or wondered if i have ever posted anything in a thread, now there is a minor new feature for everyone to find out. Now there is small avatar with a list of what you have posted in the thread. I hope this will help.


Announcement Album Giveaway winner

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Congratulations to @Minyoongimin for winning the giveaway, you will have till end of the month to pm me to claim the prize, prize will be given out only after the 15th.


Announcement New Security Feature - Session Log & Killer

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We are very serious about your account security & how you will be able to protect how your account is accessed. Simply head over to & check out our new session log & killer. Below is an example how it will look like. Stay tuned for many more updates to come. Our System will also email you if they detected a new device failing to log into your account along with the ip address, this system is completely automated & extensive security...

Announcement New Feature - Media Section

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Hello everyone again, i will like to introduce to you guys to our new media section, its easy, just add a link from youtube an MV or teaser & it will pull all official data from it to be embedded on our media section, this way we have an all in one section for comments, easy embed to the video from our own site & be able to create their own personal playlist for their own use or shared with others from the videos that get added to the section, we have allowed all our users to submit videos...

Announcement New Feature - Spotify Integration

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Since we are a kpop discussion forum & most of us listen to our songs through spotify, we have added a spotify integration feature. You can connect your spotify account through this page. You can log in with your spotify account or show others what you are listening to after connecting your spotify account to our forum. I hope you guys will like this feature.

Announcement Feedback on ads

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Hello dear forum peepz

As you may have noticed, we have added ads to support this forum.
We would like you to give us feedback on this, to make sure they aren't too bothersome for our users.

Thank you for your feedback and enjoy your day ^^

your community manager

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